The Necklace

Before I forget, I wanted to post a self-taken picture of myself wearing my new necklace that I got at the craft/quilt/sewing show. Or at least, the cross. It was a excellent price, and when I got home, I strung it on a silver band. I like it a lot.

I had just put on my makeup, so that’s why I don’t have my glasses on….So anyway, that’s the necklace….

~Jamie Joyce


2 thoughts on “The Necklace

  1. *this is Clarence (the dog) writing* Wow! Whose that perty girl?
    *Tink (his sis)*: That’s Jamie.
    *Clarence* Jamie? You mean my girl?
    *Tink*: sigh, yes!
    *C* wow, I love her necklece!
    *Kayla (bumps the dogs off her computer)* out of my way! Very nice picture. Very nice necklace. It looks just like you! Clarence get outta here!
    *Clarence* slobber
    *Kayla* gross!
    (Sorry Jamie if you do not like this but I think it is funny! I couldn’t think of anything else to say!)

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