Sisters in the Kitchen

Okay, time for another one of those crazy, random posts with pics taken from the goofy videos Kayla took. This round of shots are from a variety of videos of Kayla and I cooking in the kitchen…Kayla liked to pretend she had a cooking show…I interrupted a lot….


Me watching Kayla behind the camera trying to make it level.

Me interrupting by telling Kayla the dish soap smelled like her apple shampoo. It wasn’t received well, which is probably why I was laughing. “Ah! Don’t say that on tape!”

Me smelling the soap and about to be pushed out of the shot by a outraged cooking show host.

Kayla telling her audience about composting, and looking at me funny.

The following are a series of clips taken from a video of Kayla and I trying to throw together salsa.

I have Nathan on my back in a hiking pack. I liked to do that so he could see what we were doing.

Kayla giving Nathan a weird look for taking the spoon from her

She now looked at me as I laugh at her funny expression.

Random shot of her digging in the fridge for garlic and me and Nathan watching her.

Trying to squeeze the garlic press while we look on.

She glanced in to see if she had squeezed it through and finding it still full. Me laughing at her wild guess.

Kayla handing the press to me in frustration and claiming, “Well, I did it last time!”

Me double checking to see if she had taken the paper skins off. I did do it for her. 😀

Lots of fun! Oh, we were ages 14 and 12 in these pictures…

~Jamie Joyce


One thought on “Sisters in the Kitchen

  1. HA! I remember that awful cooking show! You ruined it, Jamie! I kept starting to say something and you would interrupt! Arrggg! so frustrating! My favorite is probably #4.
    In that first picture I am probably saying, “Hello, everyone, welcome to my cooking show”- when you bumped into my show to talk about my hair shampoo…. argg! big sisters!

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