Next Five Favorite

Okay, I have a bit of time before lunch to do a second post on my favorite animals…Goats, stingrays, alligators, eagles, and sharks.

I like goats. I don’t know why. I just like them. A lot. I love them because I love petting zoos I guess. I also like goats because they’re productive. I wish I had a few milk goats myself. I wish I had pictures on my computer of me and a goat from a zoo’s petting zoo, but  I don’t. He was my favorite goat in the zoo because, well, he had the same name as me.

I like stingrays because I’ve actually had interaction with them. More than once. Our zoo had a hands on exhibit of them one year, and we went about twice to see them. Then we got to touch and feed them at Seaworld. I love any and all animals, especially those which you don’t see everyday, and especially when I get to touch those animals I don’t see everyday. Feeding them was. . . . wonderful and different at the same time. To see shots and read my post on feeding the sting rays on our family’s blog, click here.

I like alligators because they’re big. They’re mean looking. They’ve got big teeth. They’re big. Did I say that already? I did.

Love this picture!

Eagles are so noble looking and they’re big. I suppose that is the main reason why I like the animals I like. Because they’re all big. I like giants! *giggle*.

And I like sharks. They’re powerful. Scary. Sharp-toothed.  . . . . Big.The problem is I can’t find any pictures of them on my computer, so you’ll have to be happy with the college above that I made. 😀

EDIT: Kayla sent me pictures to use, so those are now added. 😀

~Jamie Joyce



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