Bible Blast Update

So…I don’t have any notes to share, but I did want to announce that between Tuesday and Saturday of last week, I read the entire book of Genesis! I couldn’t believe it when I realized I was near the end and was starting Exodus! I’m stopped in Exodus 32 today!

It has been a very good thing doing this Bible challenge. Learning more self-control has been valuable, especially from last night. Being at church all day, coming home to eat dinner, see a documentary and then dishes pushed me up to eight o’ clock before I had any spare time for anything. I desperately wanted to get on the computer to check my email . . . but I knew I had my Bible. I first considered doubling up the chapters with today’s. But then I decided that I never liked doubling things up anyway and that a whole point of doing the challenge was set aside things you would rather being doing and taking the time to read the Bible. So that’s what I did. I grabbed my Bible, sat down and read my chapters. It turned out that when I was done, I still had a whole hour left before ten to still do things on my computer and I felt glad that I had done the right thing. I’m also glad that I didn’t have twice as much to read today! *grins*

~Jamie Joyce



2 thoughts on “Bible Blast Update

  1. Wow! I’m glad you didn’t double… tonight is movie night! I can’t believe you read all of Genesis already! *gags* WOW….it took me a month at least! 😛

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