Here is the long-awaited dog post I’ve been wanting to do…just need to go on about someone I really love . . .

Y’all probably recognize part of this shot: it’s where my Gravatar picture came from. It’s me from everyday life; hair a’ flying, not a speck of make up on, and a big blonde dog in my arms. That thar is Clarence. Yeah. He’s the dog who thinks I’m his girlfriend.

He’s not mine. He belongs to Mrs T, our neighbor, a dear sweet older Christian lady who has two dogs whom she loves and feeds but can’t walk. Kayla and I walk the dogs for her, and we hang out about three times a week at her house for an hour or so to give her company. She has the best humor, the funniest stories of when growing up and is great fun to be with. We often help her take her groceries in, we play with the dogs, help her clean her furniture from time the time, and I always go with her when she takes the dogs to the vet. In return, we’ve been able to spend time with some of the best creatures on earth….

Clarence and Tink are wonderful dogs with such different personalities. Tink is obese and loves to lull around on the floor or chase bees. Clarence thinks going to the vet is just a social call and that it’s normal to eat anything made of paper and to never eat a consistent diet of regular dog food. Clarence is special in that when he was a young dog, Mrs T and the vet discovered he had bad hips. He had problems or pain with walking, and the vet considered putting him down. Mrs T said no, because she saw that he wasn’t miserable but was still enjoying life. Today, you wouldn’t even know he had bad hips except that he’s knock-kneed. Tink is special in that she was adopted from the animal shelter. Her last family couldn’t keep her, and when Mrs T got her, she had green teeth. She now has beautiful white teeth and loves Mrs T, Kayla, me and Clarence. She will not go out of the yard for a walk without Clarence with her, and she doesn’t like going to the vet (we’re pretty sure that she thinks she’s just going back to the shelter). Clarence is right now two years old, and we figure that Tink is about seven.

Everyone knows that Clarence thinks I’m his girlfriend (and I like to refer to him as my ‘boyfriend’ sometimes). He will get so jealous of me if I pet Tink, stop petting him or do anything else in the yard. We decided to see what he would do if I purposefully stopped petting him to pet Tink. The result was him coming between the two of us, sitting right down on Tink to smile at me.  We got the entire thing on video as well. It was so hilarious that we sent it in to America’s Funniest Home Videos and our family and Mrs T are right now going through the paper work that comes along with it. (Happily, the people at America’s Funniest liked the video and wanted to know more background to it, so we’re all hoping we’ll win some sort of prize. Dad said it was great they didn’t just throw it out the window.)

I love Clarence so much and I’m glad that he considers me one of his favorite people.

~Jamie Joyce


One thought on “Clarence

  1. Clarence is such a handsome dog! Although he can be so naughty at times he is adorable! I could go on about how I think Tink is better than Clarence, I don’t want to ruin this post or anything….

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