First Five Favorites

Yesterday, I pulled together several collages of my favorite animals, so, I would like to do three posts about them.

My first five: Tiger, Horse, Dog, Killer Whale, Polar Bear.

Why do I like the Tiger best? For part of the reason, go to my post ’30 Things’ and read #9. Did you read it? Good. I love the tiger because of its mystery, beauty and power. Ferocious looking, isn’t it? That’s the part that I love. The tiger is also one of the few cats who like to swim; and I love unique qualities in animals…

#2 The horse. The horse is graceful, beautiful, and powerful. I love seeing horses out our window when driving outside the city. I’ve scared myself out of wanting to own a horse though. I borrowed a bunch of books about horses from the library thinking, “when I get a chance to have a horse, I’ll be ready”. I took them back thinking, “I don’t think I’m ever going to own a horse”. There is a lot of things to look out for with a horse; diseases, proper eating and care. Sheesh. ‘Forget owning a horse, Jamie’, I told myself. ‘You can now start hoping that we’ll move next to someone who has a nice horse that they need help with!” I love watching horse films, though I’ve seen few. The Black Stallion (took my breath away), The Black Stallion Returns,  and Secretariat (super horse film).

#3 is the dog. It probably wouldn’t be, except that I’m becoming a dog expert in the past year because of taking care of Clarence and Tink. So, I’ve learned love dogs. Big dogs. I LOVE big, giant dogs. When I was younger, I bought a dog book with my own money about all the different dogs, and my favorites were the giants (like all my favorite animals, they are all big).  The Mastiff, the  Newfoundland, Rottweiler,  and, the Irish Wolfhound. Which, when standing on its hind legs, stands to 7 feet. That’s the dog for me! BIG! The other dogs I’ve learned to love are labs and German Shepherds. Having a Irish Wolfhound will be impossible for me, so the next choice will definitely be a German shepherd


Irish Wolfhound

Me and Clarence.

#4 is the killer whale. Biggest of the dolphins. I’ve always loved their black and white pattern. I’ve often heard them called ‘hunters of the sea’. I think. Anyway, I like them a lot. (I still have a small stuffed Shamu whale).

And #5 is the polar bear. They are the largest of all the bears. They’re massive beasts. Sometimes they look cuddly and sometimes they look like monsters.I love the baby bears, too. They’re so cute!

So these are my top five favorite animals. Stay tuned to hear about my next ten!

~Jamie Joyce

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