Genesis 1-37

From Tuesday to this morning, I’ve read Genesis 1-37. I’ve never read so much Bible in so little time before, so I’m really excited over this. I sat in my favorite chair where I couldn’t see the clock to do my reading. One of the best tips I have for trying to sit down and read without being distracted is to sit where you can’t see a clock. The clock can be very distracting because you always want to look at it. 😀 Anyway, I wanted to post some of the things I noticed. So below are my raw notes right off the page.

  • God mentions creating plants for multiplying
  • Always ‘according to their kind’
  • Animals were blessed by Him by being told to multiply
  • Woman was brought to man.
  • Man was made aware of the need for modesty
  • There was a way to live forever
  • Giants did exist
  • 2nd month, 17th day was the flood–should make date a holiday
  • Old Abram reminds me of Rooster Cogburn (when he went to rescue Lot)
  • Sarah called Abraham ‘lord’–honor indeed
  • Generational sin; both Abram and Issac both lied about their wives being their sisters to save their skins.

~Jamie Joyce


One thought on “Genesis 1-37

  1. ^Wow, this is cool. I liked all your observations! I totally agree about that flood holiday one! That last one, looks like cowardess to me.

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