30 Things . . .

. . . you may or may not know about me.

1. I’m a horse junkie, like most girls, but unlike many, I have not gotten to be with hardly any. For those of you who have horses, ride horses, or can associate with horses, you are blessed, and you can all sympathize me. The only connection I have with horses is books from the library, pics off the internet, and the new calendars that come out every year. I literally buy all the new horse calendar for the pictures. I have three of them this year!

2. I love listening to Rush Limbaugh. He’s a hoot to listen to and he’s almost always right.
3. I enjoy archery, sling-shooting, tomahawk throwing and gun shooting.
4. My parents put up with me needing to go to the library every week.
5. One of my all time favorite heroes is the legendary Robin Hood (mostly the ‘legend’ versions. The only other version of him that I enjoy is the movie version starring Errol Flynn)!

6. When I was ten, I and my cousins participated (on the fling of the moment) in a public ‘kiddie’ round-up. The four of us got on stick horses, ran out into the ring to round up about five sheep and get them back into a pen. We did get them rounded up (after a lot of chasing).


left to right; Ben, me, Bethany, Kayla

7. I play some piano, but I’m not very good (in my humble opinion). I know kids my age who play million times better than myself. So fun to the listen to ‘em play!
8. When I was fourteen, I put my foot down and picked animals to be my top five favorites, and they are tigers, horses, dogs, killer whales and polar bears. In that order.

9. Why the tiger first? Well, I have sentimental attachments to the word ‘tiger’. First reason is because my extended version of the Encyclopdia Brown series had a gang of boys who called themselves ‘The Tigers’. They were originally a gang of bullies, but in my cheesy, cheap way of writing, I took them over and rewrote them to become some of the best gentlemen I’ve ever written, and I wrote about them and my first version of the Carmichaels’ for over two years of scratchy, cheesy writing. I also love the tiger for it beauty, ferociousness, stripes, and wonder. I love anything big. The tiger is the biggest off all the cats. It’s mysterious, beautiful, breathtaking, and powerful. I have several large books with lots of tigers and I often borrow tiger books from the library.

10. I do not have pierced ears. My parents are leaving the decision to my Prince Courage (who-ever-he-might-be) because he’ll be the one to have to live with my ears for so long.
11. I only started wearing makeup a few weeks ago, and then only one weekends.

12. I’ve only gone to see movies in a real honest-to-goodnes theater twice in the life. The movies were ‘Jonah A Veggietale Movie’ and ‘Secretariat’. I have gone to see documentaries at the Imax theater, but it’s not quite the same to me because it’s documentries not movies.

13. I still read the American Girl series.
14. I and my cousins used to always play a game called ‘Family’: I was always Mother.
15. I’ve been extra in a feature-length film ‘Friday at Noon’.
16. I like cheesy black and white films because those are almost always the better in world view content.
17. When I go to the library, I have system all worked out of where I go first. I first pick up our on hold. Then I look at the music. Then kid soundtrack. The children books. Then the section that has the Veggie Tales. Then the books on writing. Then the film/behind-the-scene/how it’s done books next.
18. I’ve often been called a ‘Social-Butterfly’.

19. I once was in a fit of seeing myself as a movie star, and I was making up titles and film plots for all these movies I supposedly was in. ‘Ben-Hur II’ ‘Pirate Bride’ ‘On the Streets of New York’ (which was a humanised version of the Aristocat’s story) and ‘The Long Journey Home’. I was fourteen. I wrote all the titles of the ‘films’ down, and still have ‘em. Never know when they might make good book plots instead.
20. I used to climb the tree in our backyard. I can’t very easily anymore because an essential limb I used was cut off to fit the trailer into the yard.
21.  At Family Camp, I like to catch bugs and see if all the guys will hold them. Some of them will. Sometimes it’s a twist of the arm for others.
21. I dream weird dreams and I never dream of anything fun like my sister, who can dream she’s in Star Wars, or seeing my book characters (she said she actually was running around in our front yard with the Legacy gang trying to capture Kyle, who was my main villain then when she dreamed it) or flying. Not me.
22. I can’t stand romance movies from the time periods of ‘Pride and Predjudice’ or ‘Little Dorit’. (may it be known I’m not saying anything against those particular movies. They are the just the ones I know that are in that time period.) I get very uncomfortable when seeing ladies half-naked (or, in more polite terms, ladies with low-cut shirts cut way too low!).
23. I enjoy cross stitching a lot.
24. Kayla and I enjoy playing duets on the piano together. I play teacher part.

25. I’ve never been able to write a serious story. It’s always turned into a comedy; terribly.

26. I’m in the middle of writing many books and the average number of words I’ve written all together since I’ve been twelve is–and this took quite a bit of math– :868,959 words! Six digits! Wow! I’m so proud of myself! *grins and take bow* and that’s not even counting short fiction stories I’ve written! See books I’ve written here.

27. My longest single book is a completed first draft (one that, I hope, will never see the public),  called ‘Fighting for Life’ or ‘Climb or Die’ at 140,497 words total, making it 309 pages; and I wish it was longer, honestly. It is one of my deeper stories complete with action police scenes, mountain climbing, stupid comedy camping, pounding detective meetings and near murder scenes. Nearly all my characters in this book where almost killed (they did all survive, though just barely). I’m still rewriting it, actually. It’s a total embarresment, really, because it gets very dramatic in some sections, and other sections are just plain stupid (for those of you who know Katie and Betty–they are at their silliest and most immature state in this book). Still, no matter how terrible it is, it is my longest book on record and though I’m embarresed over it, I am also pleased and proud of it because it does have a good plot (at least in my humble opinion). No one but Kayla has heard it and probably no one else will except for maybe my husband, if he dare want to wade through it all. 😀
28. Second longest goes to ‘Muffin’ at 111,265 words and 239 pages. This is the one that I hope will be published….
29. I enjoy writing a lot. It’s the editing that kills me. I don’t want to take anything out. I only like adding more.
30. Maybe someday I’ll be famous from all this writing. . . . . . yeah, maybe someday I’ll write a jaw-dropping classic and it will one day be a top selling movie. Yeah. Right. Dream on, Jamie. Dream on . . . . . . .

~Jamie Joyce


22 thoughts on “30 Things . . .

  1. I soo love your books. And #30 just may come true if my dream of film making does…
    #27… there is not anything stupid in that book! And Katie is not inmature- she is silly! And you must get that one published, it just needs a tiny winsy little editing.
    #22 I soo concur. Maybe some day I will make a software to give those ladies some more threads.
    #21 I am not lucky with my dreams! Sometimes I have horrible ones and you seem to never get awful dreams!
    #8 I like all you animals except I’m not so crazy about horses. And I would add I love Cougars. (The Carmicheal type too!)
    #7 You do too play well! (I think anyway)
    #19 you’ve got to let me see those books, I won’t tease!!!!

  2. Thank you Kayla. I should give you an award for being my number one fan.

    For you number 30: how wonderful, I already have a filmmaker wanting to film my books….actually, if they all were made into movies, I would be kinda embarresed…queen of comedy, that’s what I’d be to everyone who knows me. I’d never here the end of it!
    To your #27: That book would not make any sense if it was published, because it would need the gigantic introduction of the rest of the series, which is a completion of six other books…(which, by the way, are all finished first drafts!)
    Your 22: Good idea. I still wouldn’t want to watch them, though. World view issues. World view issues. Romance. Romance. Run-away. Run-away. . . .
    Your 21: Maybe your awful dreams wouldn’t be awful to me…
    Your 8: no one knows what you mean by the Carmichael type cougar. (sorry, everyone, she’s slipping into my first version of the Carmichael kids when they called themselves ‘the Cougars’ before they joined ‘the Tigers’.)
    Your 7: You’re so sweet.
    Your number 19: Forget it.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. Queen of comedy is a good title!
    True about #27…
    True again about #22 (but my husband could at least watch them with me and we could critisize them together, ha!)
    True yet again to #21
    #8, HA, I love slipping mickeys to you Jamie, when know one else understands!
    #19 NO, NO, I can not forget! You must, you must, wa! WA!… ahem… excuse me you innocent by-standers… now Jamie….

  4. 1. Well, thanks a lot
    2. Well, yes it’s true. I should know. I wrote all seven books, didn’t I?!?!?! *grins*
    3. Wouldn’t you two have more fun watching something you would actually enjoy, like, per say, a John Wayne film or maybe Poirot?
    4. I’m so true! *giggle*
    5. Isn’t she so inconsiderate? *wink*
    6. Good grief! She’s throwing a verbal tantrum on my blog! I’ll be lasared! Help, help! Little sister attack! Red alert! Abandon ship! Every woman for herself! EEEEK! *runs away screaming* . . . . . .

    ~Jamie Joyce

  5. Wow, that was easy!

    Okay, now, to anyone who has not commented already (not talking to you, Kayla) feel free to join in now! I’m going to tie that little missy were she can’t reach her mouse pad and keyboard….. *in deeper voice* A big sister’s job is never done. *leaves sounding like Darth Vadar* “Fe! Fi! Foe! Fum! To little sissy do I come!”

    ~Jamie Joyce

  6. This IS nuts! It’s like AAK’s thing, except we can come here to argue or complain at each other! I like it too!

It always makes my day to see your messages! Don't forget to check back, I try to write back to you too! <3

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