Day 28

Day 28: A scar you have and it’s story:

I don’t have any scars, but I’ve had enough crashes with walls to make a story.

When I was about four, I was running through the kitchen to join Kayla outside when disaster struck. I had on slick cowboy boots, and slid on the floor head first straight into the wall. Mom says I had a giant goose egg on my head; I actually remember the few seconds of running just before I took the slam. Don’t remember that part. Mom took me to the emergency room after putting ice on me. All I remember at the hospital was some lady taking my blood pressure. I was alright after there, and came home the same day.

There are some other stories, but I won’t bother telling them. 😀

~Jamie Joyce


5 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. lol I didn’t think I had many scars at all until recently… Then I started looking at my right arm!! :p

    I told you about the hot iron episode that gave me the scar on my arm, right?

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. Jamie has gone to the hospital more times than me and Nathan combined. That’s no insult, by the way. It sort of makes her firstborness official, if you don’t understand then don’t misunderstand. 😛

  3. I believe you did, Rebekah. At any rate, it sounds familiar. You also told me the time when you were sliding around on the office chair and flipped over.

    I thought I did have a scar on my left arm, but it isn’t one. It’s just some white mark; something left over from playing ‘hide&seek’ about three years ago in the H’s backyard. I’m pretty sure it’s not a scar though; what it is, I’ve got no clue. Maybe, if I remember, I’ll show it to you on Sunday.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  4. I just remembered that I got burned by an iron too, when I was about eight or nine. But I don’t believe I have a scar from it. I also was burned rather badly on my left thumb while cooking maybe two years ago. It was very nasty second degree burn; very painful. I still didn’t get a scar from it.

    ~Jamie Joyce

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