The Last of Patches and Mittens

Time to do my last kitten post. (As you can see, we had to upgrade the dainty cat dish to a large pan since all three cats preferred to eat together.)

Here they are, fully grown with fully grown winter coats, so they look twice as fat as they really were. They still enjoyed sleeping together–pretty much doing everything together.

Buttons trying out an outdoor junk basket. I don’t know why he decided to try it out, but it made a funny picture.

You can see why we upgraded the bowl. They both actually look bigger than Patience.

Here in this shot, we put out some food on the cement for Buttons to eat while he waited, and Patches decided to join him.


They were both neutered together (together, meaning we took them both to the vet at the same time). I still have Patches’ neck band. They were both woosy when we took them home, and they stumbled about a bit. We kept them in the garage in their cage for at least a day to let their stitching really set. After that, they were fine.

Aw, they were so cute. Mittens looks so big when she’s holding him.

Buttons sitting in the box waiting for his turn. It almost looks like he’s pouting. He just can’t bear to look.

This is the last picture I could find of Patches. He was the first to disappear. What happened to them is a mystery to us. They were so friendly, that it’s possible that when they went out exploring, they were accidentally adopted into another family. It is also possible that they became coyote bait, as coyotes roamed our neighborhood.

This is one of the last photo’s we have of Mittens before he disappeared. Buttons disappeared soon after, and we didn’t ever see the neighborhood bully, Noodles, again. Patience is the only cat left.

I miss them a lot, but at least we took lots of photos. Thank heavens for that.


I love you, Patches and Mittens.

~Jamie Joyce


2 thoughts on “The Last of Patches and Mittens

  1. I still have mittens name badge from the vet too!
    Buttons was a funny character. I miss them, too. All the cat posts are fun.

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