The Teddy of Today

After several requests, I’ve decided to let the public see my dear bear as he is now. I sewed him up before I took his pictures, so, when you look at him, at least know that, “it could be worse”!

He’s gone from this above….

To this. His head looks gigantic because his body has lost so much stuffing. The only part of him that is still like fifteen years ago is his legs, and even they are a bit worn. His head is the worst, and you can see that lots of his fur has been rubbed off. And normally his neck is split open…

This here is a close up of his neck and chest. You can see the many stitches I’ve sewn. Some of them are still there. Some is no longer there.

Almost all the fur is worn off his back as well. In this picture especially, you can see he badly needs to be stuffed again (something I’ve done about five different times in the past years!)

He used to be able to sit up. Not anymore. Not by himself anyway.

He used to be as big as me. Not anymore. He doesn’t even has his green bow.

Luckily, he can’t talk, so he doesn’t complain much about all his lost stuffing, poor eye sight or all the books he now puts up with. I love you, Teddy; past, present, and future.

~Jamie Joyce

6 thoughts on “The Teddy of Today

  1. lol Thanks for the picture. :p Haven’t you ever thought of putting some more stuffing in him, BEFORE fixing his neck?! It would help him a lot, poor teddy… 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. I have, except, the problem is that the extra stuffing puts more strain on his least he’s splitting on the seams themselves; it’s makes it so much easier to sew back together and less noticable

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