“Sisters. Sisters. Never were there such devoted sisters”..

I came across some old pictures of me and Kayla that were taken around my fourteenth year (about two years ago). They give such excellent clarity on our personalities, and I just had to document them. They were taken from video clips Kayla had taken with her first video camera, and some of them are pretty hilarious.

My first post is on a set of pictures taken from a video of us two fiddling about on the piano..

Oh, the thing Kayla is wearing on her head is supposed to be a vague version of a bishop’s hat. And I am not enjoying the song she was playing.

Here she is when she realizes what my reaction was to her song.

She is now whining over the song I’m playing. She has some of the best facial expressions.

Kayla is going to kill me over this one, but it is funny.

I’m still singing my one song I’m playing; not sure what happened to Kayla.

Nathan joins us. Kayla is singing another song, and I’m baffled over it.

I’m now laughing at whatever she was singing.

Here we are frozen in motion because we had heard Mom call us for a moment.

Kayla enjoying the song I was struggling to play.

I remember what I was saying here. I was saying, “What?” Nathan is so cute in the corner. There is your typical Kayla grin. We were so cute.

None of this was posed.

~Jamie Joyce

4 thoughts on ““Sisters. Sisters. Never were there such devoted sisters”..

  1. I remember this! Absolutly private!!! (Not exactly, but kinda) Funny pictures! Good post. I just may consider your comment in picture 5…

It always makes my day to see your messages! Don't forget to check back, I try to write back to you too! <3

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