Growing Up…

This is my second to last post of the kittens that I have planned… sniff. As you can see, they’d grown a bit more and were quite lap cats. You can see why I called Patches my ‘baby’. I always held him like one, and he loved it.

Kayla and her Mittens. They would take anything. Kayla and I recently were listening to a tape recording we had done right around the time these pictures were taken. It was us playing our version of ‘Monopoly’, and through most of the recording, you can hear us talking to the cats. Or yelling at them, or sympathizing. At one point, you here just the normal sound of, “one, two, three, four,” and the tapping of our pieces on the board. And all at once Kayla let’s out a yeo. “OW! MITTENS! OWWW!” This was followed by my voice saying very matter-of-factly, “Advanced to Go!” This was followed by me humming, and Kayla mumbling quietly, “Mittens, you are mean. Now go away.” I hummed very loudly, and Kayla informed me, “He was chewing on my leg!!”

One of the best parts of the whole tape is when the two of us are just calmly talking about the game when Kayla suddenly exclaims,”Ah, get that feather out o’ his mouth!” You hear me in the background saying, “Hey! No!” and this was followed quickly by Kayla moaning. “Mittens! He’s always chewin’ on a’ feather!” Thus, a great example of how Mittens was on the more adventurous side.

So cute!

These guys loved to sleep up in the flower boxes; simply because Patience loved to. Here is an amazing picture that captured Patches attacking his brother.

As you can see Patience trying to bury herself down into the soil. Patches is joining her.

Here is a funny box we found at Costco, and it was perfect for both of them.

Buttons was still hanging out too. Handsome!

Me and my baby!!! He’s got that “Pity me” look. I love him still!

~Jamie Joyce


8 thoughts on “Growing Up…

  1. Okay, Rebekah, I am racing again! First Comment! HA! (I know this is kinda un-fair)
    These guys were the best pets! SOOO CUTE

  2. Yes: The reason I stopped was because I was gone for a day and while you posted away and R commented easy without me even here, it wasn’t really a just or fair race! Does this make sense?

  3. lol You’ll probably beat me a lot this week… I’m behind on a lot of things this week that I need to catch up on… (Hence no comments on here for 5 posts!) I am working on my Christmas mystery and Grandmother’s Letters again though, while I edit… 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

  4. lol I HOPE it will be interesting! After all the brain power it’s consuming!! :p Murder mysteries can be mystifying though… 😀

    To the KING be all the glory!

  5. I’ll have to let you read this one then… and you should like Grandmother’s Letters. It’s a mystery in part, too. 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

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