Day 22

Day 22: A website:

I’m sorry for such a short, brief post, but I am exhausted. Today we helped friends of ours move with our church family. I didn’t realize how tired I was till I climbed out of the van back at home after a long day’s work.

I had a blast, though, and had spent much of my time with my good friends, the H sisters, especially Moriah, who made herself my inseparable companion. We had fun together, taping up boxes, filling boxes, carrying boxes, vacuuming, walking about in circles, setting up for church, riding in the H’s car with her and the family, she doing my hair into first a horrible bun and then a very pretty pony tail, eating lunch together, unpacking boxes, breaking down boxes, stocking the pantry, stocking the china cabinet, whipping out pocket knives to avenge some horrid tape, and giggling quite a lot. I enjoyed my time with her and all my church family.

Then Dad and I came home, and we all watched a frolicking Errol Flynn adventure called, ‘The Sea Hawk’. That kept me awake for a little while, but I’m growing tired and shall now go to bed. Good night.

~Jamie Joyce *YAWN*


One thought on “Day 22

  1. The move sounded like fun! Thanks for the link! Look forward to some more posts!
    (I know I’m not racing, R, but I still got first comment!)

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