The Continued Adventures of…

Patches and Mittens.  Here’s the family; taking it easy some summer night together. The kittens were definitely not babies anymore. Patience was on the verge of weaning them, and they were eating as much cat food as she was. Buttons was still enjoying them all and they all seemed like one happy family. Normally in the animal kingdom, it’s almost always the mother who is raising, taking care of, and hanging out with the children. So it was funny seeing Buttons with them so much, like they all were you’re number one animal example of a loving family who did everything together. (That was corny sounding).

As anyone knows, cats spend most of their time lulling around sleeping. That’s what these guys did during the day when Buttons wasn’t around. THey all slept together. Patience was your walking pillow to whom you could follow from hiding place to hiding place, and then lean on when you got sleepy enough.. Are they not CUTE?!?!? ^ Mittens looks up saying, “Hi. We’re sleeping.”

Kayla and Mittens.

They all started eating from the bowl, and got kinda small after a while.

Awwwwwwwww  . . . . . . . . . *falls off chair*

Patches and Mittens’ favorite thing was to be petted or held.

Here they are checking out the tree. Just like Patience, they could climb any tree, and get out of it by themselves. I don’t think they ever made it to the top of the trailer, but they did enjoy the tree.

They did everything together. Sleeping. Playing. Eating.

We got them apple boxes from outside Costco for them. During storms, they would get into the box together, and we’d make a roof with a towel.

Like I have said before, I did lots of reading outside, so they joined me a lot. Note Patches is grooming himself.

We saw them sitting like this in the house on evening, and Dad ran out to snap a picture. Patches and Mittens are both sitting in the trough together with their paws elevated, like one desks, and it looks like Buttons is siting in front of them giving lessons. Patience appears to be taking a break from being laid on, chewed on, or stepped on. It really was like they were family.

~Jamie Joyce


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