Day 21 (all about my teddy bear)

Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people:

Umm…well…I do know that many people do not sleep with a large teddy bear for their pillow..but I do. Now, as you all fill my comment section with explosions of, “what do you mean, you sleep on a teddy bear?” let me make this one excuse. It is what I’m used to. I’ve had this teddy bear almost my entire life, and I can only remember a few occasions where I had to sleep without him. He’s ragged. He’s worn. He’s been falling apart since I remember (I’ve been sewing him together ever since I could learn to handle a needle). His head is smashed. Part of his fur is rubbed off. But I love him. He’s gone everywhere with me. To Washington. To California. Texas. Colorado. Missouri. Everywhere. I carried him on and off planes (my worst fear was that if I put him in a suitcase, the suitcase would get lost and I never get him back), held him during car trips, dragged him up and down stairs. I grew up with him. He’s precious to me. When I was younger, he was a constant companion. I cried on his chest when I was upset. I gave him piggy back rides, and then fell asleep on him. Now, he sits next to me in bed while I read books about detectives, writing styles, Basil Rathbone and Star Wars. And his stuffing is something that floats around our room. I’ve had him since I was a year and a half….and I threaten I’ll still have him up until I’m married. He’ll have to go by the then. There’s only room for two in a bed once you’re married. He’ll be locked up in a chest or cupboard I suppose, dreaming of when he was number one in my sleep life….

I dug through the photo albums again…these are pictures of Teddy when he didn’t look half that bad.

Daddy reading to me. I’m about 1 and a half, and you’ll notice Teddy propped up against the wall back there; looking the best he’ll ever be… He even still had his green bow on…

As mom’s caption said, this picture is of my first night away from home…notice who I brought with me…

Here’s me and Dad, playing on the floor. There’s Teddy. His head actually has some shape.

There he is again, putting up with all the other bears I had..

..but I loved him best.

Teddy appears to be leaning over to see what’s on the page. Kayla enters the scene…if you can spot her.

Aw, we were both so good lookin’.  It looks like Teddy loves me too. Oh, I’m sucking on my fingers in that picture too. Another one of those dreadful habits I had as little girl. (I really messed up me teeth doing that, and I ended up going to the orthodontic for seven years  at about my eighth, having them straightened back out. That’s why my teeth are so straight now….I don’t do that habit anymore, by the way.)

I slept on him during naps too.

Another trip out-of-town. I had both Teddy and Monkey (He’s another animal I’ve had all my life, but Teddy won over him…)

There he is, with some of my other animals, which I don’t even think had any names..

Here I am as an older little person. Almost four, I think. Note all the bear’s lined up against the wall in envy…

Here I am at age four. Teddy isn’t quite under me, but he’s there. Snuggles is there too. Well that’s the last picture I could find of me and friend. These pictures remind of another set of dear friends, Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh. Hey, they went down in history! Oh, guess what the other thing is I still sleep with. That same brown blanket. Yep. It’s still on my bed. With Teddy.

~Jamie Joyce


6 thoughts on “Day 21 (all about my teddy bear)

  1. I don’t know, R. Maybe you don’t…. It’s nice he’s Jamie’s friend and all but … it’s not that I don’t like him; It’s his stuffing I’ve grown to dispise…

  2. Awwww! Such a cute little girl and her Teddy Bear.

    (I’ve threatened that he will be gone on the wedding day…. burned to ashes, if there is anything left by then. tee hee)

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