Little Bits of Love

I know..another kitten post, but I didn’t feel like downsizing my other fuzzyart pictures, and I’ll catch up on my challenge tomorrow. For now, some absolute PRECIOUS shots of Patches and Mittens when they were at the perfect age!

They weren’t infants, but they were still babies, and absolutely intoxicating! They simply HAD to sleep where ‘mom’ slept; and would cram into any tight place. I love the shot above; Caption: Mommy “I thought I had ditched those two; why are they on my back paws?!”

I suppose any corner would be cozy, but seriously; they decided to siesta behind the empty herb pot. Good grief.

They were so playful at this age. Isn’t Mittens beautiful. All gray except for those white gloves. It’s like he’s dressed for a ball or dance night.

These pictures were taken during our warm months of June and July. Patience always tried to sleep near the house, where it was cooler, and on the shaded cement. Patches is nicely snuggled into the corner.

I think Mittens had a more outgoing personality then Patches. Patches was the kind that liked to kick back and relax. Mittens was your ‘jump on the house, let’s chase the bird, live life to the fullest’ sort of cat. He became ‘Kayla’s’ baby. Patches was my ‘baby’. It seems to please Providence to give my blonde animal friends…one completely relaxed and the other just slap happy…

This is a different picture in that Patches is by himself. It was rare when you didn’t see all three (and four, when Buttons was in the yard) together.

Hmm, Patience’s attempt for solitude failed. Ha, actually, I’m pretty sure someone put Mittens up there. I don’t think they were climbing trees this young.

Hang on, baby!
You’re classic shot of a kitten butting in. “Mom, I want to be in the picture.” Patience looks so noble. ” You do realize I put up with these guys, right?”

We brought the kittens into everything we did outside. When Kayla and I cracked open pods to get seeds for ‘cooking’ we had the kittens right in the midst of the action.

We at last discovered that Buttons was going to put up with the new company to. Not only put up with them, but be polite to them. He never ate before them.  Here he is patiently waiting for Mittens to finish sampling…

…Then he dug in! This picture has always cracked me up. Mittens sits there almost looking shocked that ‘heaven forbid!’, someone else needed to eat around here. They all seemed to enjoy each others company. Such great memories…

~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “Little Bits of Love

  1. OHHHH! Cuties! Mittens is the cutest!!! So cute…. um… heh, heh, sorry, I didn’t mean to go slobbering over the internet….

  2. They were such cute kittens and it was fun to watch them grow up. It is sad that we don’t know exactly what befell them, Buttons too.

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