Days 13, 14, and 15

Well, I’ve fallen behind in my challenge for two reasons…I’ve been busy reading some wonderful books which I’ve not been wanting to put done long enough to do much on my computer and  I have not feeling my best. But as I am doing better today, I’ll try to catch up…

Day 13: A guilty pleasure: Mmmm, eating more than enough chocolate?! Who doesn’t like chocolate, anyway? I dare you to raise your hand!
Day 14: A vacation you would like to take:  I would love to go back to California to visit both the ocean and Seaworld! I enjoyed seeing all the animals at Seaworld (getting close to seals was neat, and I would have happily stayed by the Sting Bay area petting rays.) It was fun going to the ocean, and having that mature thought in my head that the water  was not going to carry me away. I actually ventured out very far out in the water. It was also thrilling to be the first to find a sand dollar!
Day 15: A person you admire: I admire many of the men from our church; they are all good men of God who are all trying readjust their thinking to the Word of God. I especially admire Pastor H, for being such a courageous man in standing up for what is right and teaching us every Sunday what the Bible means.

~Jamie Joyce


7 thoughts on “Days 13, 14, and 15

  1. I like chocolate, too! (Though I dare raise my hand as far as White Chocolate goes…)

    It would be fun to go to Texas to the film festival.

    And I admire lots of people, and one of them is YOU!

  2. ^*Grin* “Well, how refreshing. A polite young man.” You can change that quote to ‘a polite young woman’, but I thought you’d enjoy a saying from that favorite actress of yours. That was suppose to be a tricky way of saying thank you, by the way. *Grin*

    I forgive you about the white chocolate. I’m not that big on it that much anymore…I still like it, but not as much as actual chocolate.

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. ROFL! I’d almost forgotten about ‘Mc’ quotes! ( I do like be compared with Dev…) tee hee

  4. You like being compared to a young man?!?!?!?!? *chokes and falls off chair backwards* If you mean that you like being compared to someone who is responsible and full of character, then I forgive you again. And that wasn’t a ‘Mc’ quote. That was a LITERAL *in reproving, shocked voice* ‘Katie!’ quote. Isn’t that funny. You’re ‘Katie’ in my book and in ‘McClintock’ that dear lady of yours is more often called ‘Katie’ then ‘Katherine’! Isn’t that just great!


  5. STOP! Don’t fall off your chair!
    Yes; that is funny. And that significant Katie thing is just great!
    -Kayla (Katie)

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