Buttons Lasso’s Stork

Here they are. Blondie is Patches. Blackie is Mittens. It’s still hard to believe that such beautiful kittens came from such a colorful cat as Patience. We saw Patches being born in the middle of the night. Dad had gone to check on her and woke us all up to come see her in mid labor. I don’t remember to much, but I remember waking up the next morning and Daddy telling me Patience had had one more.

Patience was so proud of them. When we came out to see that morning, she lept out of the box meowing. Daddy put her back in so that she would keep them warm. They grew fast, and drank a lot.

They were so tiny, but they grew so fast. We also kept an eye on Buttons during this time, as he was still coming around for food. We had been told by a friend that sometimes the father cat will kill the babies. We kept a sharp eye one Buttons during the first months…but he didn’t seem to mind them one bit.

We gave Patience a bunch of attention. She was so pleased with them, and loved to show them off.

They all slept a lot.

They got bigger. We would put them in the grass, but all they wanted to do was have dinner.

Then their eyes opened. This is Mittens, just a tiny little thing. Their little paws and pads were so cute.

They were so cute, and we held them a ton.

I’m wondering if they were climbing out of the box by now. They might have been. I don’t know.

Here is a pic of a little remote control car that we would drive around. Kayla put Mittens on top of it.

We even put them in a tiny wagon and wheeled them around in circles. You can tell they’re trying to figure out what’s going on.

*Cough* Patience took care of their bodily needs till they began to dig themselves holes in the sand beneath the trampoline. She was such a good mother, and tolerated our handling the kittens…

~Jamie Joyce


One thought on “Buttons Lasso’s Stork

  1. Wonderful post! Excellent pictures and good memories! The kittens were amazing and cute little things! Mittens was SOOO cute! (so was patches) I remember when Mittens was older he got a little insane, because he would try to climb up the side of our house…. funny cat. When they were new born they looked like rats!!! They were always best buddies. I know this comment was long, but our kittens require as much.

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