This our kitty, Patience. We’ve had her about six years. We did not buy her, or get her from any shelter. We’re not sure where she really did come from. But she’s been living in our backyard for about six years; she’s an answer to prayer.

Six years ago, before we had Nathan, Kayla and I wanted a pet very badly. But mom didn’t. So, Kayla and I started to prayer for a pet. I’m not sure how much time was between our first prayers and her arrivel, but it wasn’t long. She appeared in our window downstairs as a young adult, meowing. We fed her, petted her, and talked about what we were going to do with her. She didn’t leave; so we decided to keep her and feed. We gave her the name Patience because she had to stay outdoors and wait for someone to come out to pet her. She would rear up and look through our backdoor at us meowing and scratching. Sometimes she would even jump high into the air against the door. So we called her Patience because she had to learn to wait.

I love Patience very much. I would like to write down some of my thoughts about her to remember. Before we had Nathan, we had her, her ‘boyfriend’ and then later on, her kittens. We are still sad that we no longer have her two baby boys, Patches and Mittens, but with Nathan, we’re busy enough….




One thought on “Patience

  1. Patience is one of the best cats ever! She is so friendly and loyal. Mittens was my baby… *sniff*

    (First Comment) tee hee

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