Feline Entrance

This is our beginning with Patience….

This is our first picture of Patience on record; I’m probably 10 in this picture.

Patience "I can barely see that nasty dog just down the street!" Kayla "I can barely see over our fence!"

I’m not sure what is wrong with all the other cats in the world that seem to get stuck in trees; our cats were always excellent tree climbers. It seemed like they only went up when they could get down. Patience is looking down on us as though wondering what the heck were we doing?

Patience still likes to climb in our tree; only she uses it as a ladder to reach the top of the trailer. On the trailer, she’ll bask in the sun. Often, while we’re having breakfast, we’ll see her come down from the roof onto the tree, and then from the tree to the ground.

When we figured out that she wasn’t going anywhere, we bought her a proper cat dish. Just so we would have something nice looking sitting on the porch instead of an ugly ol’ cool whip container.

Here she is hiding in a box we supplied for her during a rain storm. I think the red knitted thingy is something Kayla donated (?). She will sometimes hide under the trailer when it rains. Or, if she’s in the front yard, she sit under one the of the cars. Sometimes we’ll pull her out and carry her to the backyard under a umbrella.

Here she is after the storm, drinking rain water from a bucket we had set out on the edge under the patio roof. Look how her eyes glow from the camera flash.

Here we are petting her in the morning. I”m still in my pajamas. Arent’ they cute? Coffee cakes and doughnut holes? Kayla was so cute.

Patience in her 'Hatching an Egg' pose

This is Patience sitting on top of my math book…She is in her ‘hatching an egg’ pose, as we call it. Her front paws are tucked in under her. She was really wanting attention I suppose, and she got it, because I got someone to come take a picture of her.

This Kayla and Patience on the trampoline some evening.

More posts to come on our feline years….

~Jamie Joyce


One thought on “Feline Entrance

  1. WOW cool post! I love the one of patience glaring down on us from the tree! Her flashing eyes are so cool!

    I’m first again!

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