Day 7

Day 7: Five things you couldn’t possibly live without (Or, things you’re extremely thankful for):

Well, there are some things we just can’t live without. God’s mercy and providence. Bodily needs. Love of family and friends. Those are things that I couldn’t live without.  Things that I am thankful for. But other things? Things that might not be so important to other people? Things that I am also thankful for? Well, those are below and why. It’s long, but I’ll enjoy looking back here when I’m older and remembering….

Animal Contact. I love animals, and I would be very sad if I didn’t get to be around them. Thankfully, we not only have our outdoor cat, but we also get to help take care of two wonderful neighbor dogs; Clarence and Tink. I’m so thankful to be able to see the dogs almost everyday of the week, and am thankful their owner Mrs. T is happy to share them. It’s also been fun when we move church from house to house, and getting to meet the different pets of our friends each Sunday. Most of the family’s have a dog or two, and one had kittens for several months. One family actually had a horse living on their property (it was all I could do to keep from spending all the time after service with the horse and not my friends! To see and pet a horse is gigantic priviledge to me, especially)!

A Good Mystery. One of the genre’s of book’s I’ve been reading since I learned has been mysteries. When I was younger, I devoured Cam Jansen and Nate the Great. Around the age of nine, maybe younger, I read the Encyclopedia Brown mysteries (and who’s stories have impacted my early writing life in more ways than anyone could imagine). At about ages ten through twelve, I borrowed and read nearly the entire Boxcar Children series from the library. Along with those were the History Mystery books and American Girl Mysteries (and both I am still rereading with delight). In my early teen years I discovered Sherlock Holmes editions, finally the books. And I am now paging through the original Hercule Poirot books. I’ve never been far from mysteries; what I first wrote was based along the Encyclopedia Brown stories (with my own cheesy mysteries that never really made sense), and from there my ‘famous’ family, The Carmichael’s’, developed. These Carmichael’s are now my main characters when it comes to writing, and when I wrote my first stand-alone story with them, it was a mystery novel. I’m thankful I grew up reading mysteries, and not fantasy or romance stories. The same goes with movies. I’m thankful that my parents do not allow us to watch romance and intenseful stories that would fill our heads with wrong thoughts, but instead we all sit down to watch great black and white movies about Holmes or Charlie Chan: detectives.

Ability to Write. Not everyone can write. Not everyone likes writing. I’m thankful that I am able to write stories and that I have a love for it. There is not many other things that I enjoy more then sitting down to write; be it a Carmichael episode, a ‘Four Cousin’ adventure, and every once and a while, a bit of science fiction. The one thing which I’ve yet to really approach is fantasy…we’ll see about that one. Now that I am visiting the library more enough, I am now able to borrow books about writing; books that help remind me about not overwriting, how to keep my characters strong, and my plot straight.  I hope to slowly master the art of writing as I grow older. And maybe someday I’ll have a book or two published…..

Soundtracks. I love music. Not only just because it’s beautiful, but because it also helps set the tone for my writing. I’ve loved music since I was young. And when I was about ten, eleven, twelve, I loved music from movies. I had no idea that music from movies was called soundtracks though. So I was thrilled to learn that music from movies was available at the library! So this year I have been borrowing music like crazy. I enjoy soundtracks that are full of adventurous themes, like ‘Sinbad, Legend of the Seven Seas’,  ‘Gladiator’ ‘Lord of the Rings’ ‘Pirates of the Carribean’   and ‘Star Wars’.  Other stories have majestic strength and breathtaking beauty; ‘Ben-Hur’ ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ ‘El Cid’. Others help me remember the words and tuns of wonderful movies, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ ‘Music Man’ ‘Oklahoma!’ ‘Prince of Egypt’ and the many Veggietale soundtracks. Others remind me of the old Disney movies, whether we still watch them or not; ‘The Lion King’ ‘Bambi’ ‘101 Dalmations’  and ‘Beauty and Beast’. How wonderful to hear the themes, songs and music of films which you may love, or may never, ever see….

The Library. I love the library. It’s saved our family so much money in that we can borrow the many different books, movies and cds instead of buying them. This past was year was the year of the library. I learned how to renew our library cards over the internet. I learned how to search for the different items on the library website. I learned how to put things on hold. And Mom and Dad have been willing to drive me to the library to pick the items up. I can’t wait to learn how to drive, because them I will be able to drive myself there. From the library I’ve borrowed books (old childhood books I haven’t read in years), movies (such as the latest Veggietale movies), and music (soundtracks by the bagful). I love the library, and I don’t know what I would do without it.

So, those are my five things that I am thankful for, and my five things I couldn’t live without. 😀

~Jamie Joyce


4 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. I’ve often thought about how blest I am to have a fully functioning body and to not be disabled in some way… I’m really grateful for that.
    Also I’m grateful I have a good memory and last but not least, that I was second born.

    (First Comment)

  2. A month and a half ago, I might have answered this one different… but now, I would have to say, honestly, that there is very little that I couldn’t “live without”. The bare necessities and my LORD are about it. But, if I had to pick ONE thing, besides my Bible, and my family and church family to retain… it would probably be a pencil and some paper or a piano… but it wouldn’t kill me to go without them. 😀

    Ha! Kayla, why are you thankful that you’re second born?

    To the KING be all the glory!

  3. I know…it’s seems selfish when one answers a question ‘things you couldn’t live without’. That is why I changed the focus from selfish thoughts to thankful thoughts. 😀

    ~Jamie Joyce

  4. ^^ Being second born makes it easy to not create sibling rivalry. When I get mad at Nathan I understand how Jamie feels when she gets mad at me. Also, when I am mad at Jamie for being mad at me, I know how Nathan must feel when I am mad at him.
    Does this make sense?

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