‘Damsel in the Window’

Now, for another fuzzyart poster. This one is more simple; Damsel in the Window is what I call it for now. If you all would give suggestions of a better title when you comment, I would be grateful (I do plan to title my art work).

This one is much smaller then the Knight and Princess one. It is rather simply. A damsel (princess, maiden or maybe even queen or duchess) sitting in a window made of stone, bird on her hand, vines and flowers entwined around the window.

In the shot above, you can see some of the detail . I used two different colors for both bird and Missy’s hair. I outlined the flowers in her hair. You’ll note some of the bird is outlined as well.

Mom suggested to me that I should do the bird in two colors. At first I didn’t know how I was going to go about it. But after a bit of thinking, I took a shot at it, and bird came out as above. It’s rather cute, and almost appears to be singing a song, or giving a message. Maybe it’s just gaping at her beauty *grin*.

Here you can seen the vine, leaves, and one of the flower. Also, Missy’s hair is very long and pretty. I like how I did the flowers blue as well.

Here you can see the top of the window; flowers, vine, leaves. And the wolf’s head. Ah. I did not notice the wolf head til I got down to coloring. Oh, and notice that Missy’s got blue beads in her hair. How pretty.

So, here’s the final picture again. Much more simple. Much less to fuss over *wink*.This is one of my favorite, because Missy looks so peaceful. Gentle. Unlike woman today, she seems quite content and happy being a woman in a castle. Or, is it a castle? Maybe it’s not a castle. Maybe it’s a turret (?) that she is being held captured in! And..the peaceful expression means that she know’s her knight is coming to fetch her back. Then again, maybe she’s not captured. Maybe…maybe…maybe I should write another book.

~Jamie Joyce


3 thoughts on “‘Damsel in the Window’

  1. Her hair reminds me of spaghetti! I love her pink flowers in her hair!

    I don’t know what to make of your…. dance, R.

  2. You could name this post: Spaghetti Princess, or Angel Hair, or….
    (Don’t get all worked up, now, I just had to write that!!!)
    She is like a Wolf Princess, or a Falcon Maid, or a messenger maiden.
    Just some ideas for the post title.

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