Day 6

Day 6: A moment you wish you could relive:
Normally, with such a question, I would be think, “Oh. My. Corncobs. How does one answer that?” But, after a moment of considering, I came up with a time I would like to relive….

I remember one evening Kayla and I spent with the H kids—we had a utter blast in their backyard together. No, not even their backyard. It was just their back porch around the picnic table. It was about two years ago. Maybe more. The adults were inside, and all us kids had eaten dinner outside. Well, I’m not sure what happened. Maybe we all were just tired. I think we might have been eating a ton of watermelon, so maybe we were all high on sugar. Either way, we spent most of the meal talking about your average stuff; what dreams have you had, what is your favorite book, have you seen such-and-such movie; blah, blah, blah.

Well, the younger girls were drawing pictures, and were continually saying how bored we were. Ah, that’s what started it. The girls whining about how bored they were. We began making jokes about being bored, and it went ‘downhill’ from there.  Soon, anything anybody said was funny and we would all crack up. Gabe kept asking between breaths, “What are we laughing at?” and we’d all only laugh harder.  Moriah even declared, “We are just slap-happy, here, folks.” We would laugh, then sit in silence, grinning at each other, and then someone would say, “I’m bored.” They would mean it, but we’d all start laughing again anyway. Sometimes we would just catch our breath and sit silently for several moments, and the silence would crack us all up. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in one evening before with such fun company.

So, if I could relive a moment in my life, this would be it.

The night us and H kids went overboard.


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