Day 4

Day 4: A favorite television program:

Well, we don’t have TV…so, I’ll take it to mean a favorite series…

One of my favorite mystery series is the Hercule Poirot episodes.. While three or four of them are either frightening or have some objectionable content, the rest of this huge series is wonderfully entertaining and intriguing.  There are characters that soon become your best friends and plots that are often surprising and delightful.

Another favorite is the series of Sherlock Holmes movies done by Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. I much prefer their Holmes story versions to Jeremy Brett’s, as I am able to sleep after watching these black and white movies!  And I am happy to say that we have seen all but two of these fourteen movies that these two did together.

Another favorite series is the many movies of the  Chinese detective Charlie Chan. They are also black and white. His shows are fun, exciting, and he, in nearly every movie, is ‘assisted’ by one of his older children from his pack of fourteen. We received more of the shows this year for Christmas, and have been devouring them.

And, finally, a very old TV serial from the 1940’s is also a favorite; Terry and the Pirates. While most of our friends would rant about how cheesy they are if they saw them, it is a favorite of mine and Kayla’s. It’s completely decent and exciting, with lovable, memorable characters, and as all serials, they  have cliff hangers at the end of each episode that always left us crying, “Let us watch another one!”.

So these are my favorite series.

~Jamie Joyce

14 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. I must disagree on one thing – Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett is no more hindering to good sleep than Monsieur Poirot!! You just happened to see two of the worst ones you could have started with… 😀

    Charlie Chan has 14 children?? Wow! Not that I’ve ever seen any of the shows or anything… 😛

    To the KING be all the glory!

  2. I disagree with you Rebekah… Jeremy Brett is too hindering to sleep! He is much worse then good ol’ Poirot or Basil Rathbone!

    I love Charlie Chan! While all his children are great his taxi driver is the best, I think!

  3. Granted, we only saw three of them, but the ones we saw were very unimpressive, and even if the rest are good, Mom and Dad are more content with the black and white ones…Even if Brett’s mysteries are good, I’ll never see Holmes as anyone but Rathbone. We’re happy with the Holmes shows we’re allowed to see. 😀 And, I have Gabe’s agreement that some of the Brett shows are hard to sleep over. *grins*.


  4. lol Well… I would agree about SOME of them – just not all of them! I actually don’t picture Mr. Holmes like any of the movies when I read the books. I wonder though, if you, I and Gabe would all name the same ones?? And, Gabriel has seen more than I have – in fact, you’ve seen one I haven’t seen too… Dad and Mom saw it though.

    But if you know… I’ve found a few of the Poirot’s a bit hard to sleep over too! 😀 Have you seen Mr. Holmes portrayed in the old black and white ones with Ronny Howard?? (not the same person as in “The Music Man”!) Some of those are pretty good too. 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

  5. Well, Gabe and I agree over ‘The Residential Patient’–I think that’s the name. Kayla thinks it has two names, possibly, ‘The Illustrious Client’. Not sure—Anyway, he agreed with me that the one above was pretty intense. I’ll agree, they may not be as bad; but how do I know? I’ve not seen them. Maybe they’re not bad. Maybe, though, if we watched them, we still wouldn’t like them.

    Which Poirot show? I only had one, and I can’t even remember what it’s title was. It had something to do with a wailing ‘ghost’, a haunted tree, and a man shot in the mouth. I didn’t like that one. But one out of who knows how many isn’t bad for me. Unless I’ve not seen them in so long I’ve forgotten others…

    Yes, we’ve seen some of his. They are good, but too short. They’re take of ‘The Red Headed League’ made me mad because it was cut down so short. Well, I think they’re good. Dad wasn’t thrilled with them because they were too quick to build up the mystery, clues, ect. Oh, and they pronounced Lastrade’s name differently. No matter; other versions will not compare to Rathbone/Nigel to us T girls. *grin*

    ~Jamie Joyce

  6. Yes… Dad and Mom didn’t like that one much from what I remember. I never saw it. The original story is pretty good though! :p I didn’t see the Illustrious Client either – same reason. (They are two different stories by the way! 🙂 You may or may not love them. I’m in the mood to be negative regarding just about any movie at this moment, so I won’t say anything. :p

    Hmm… I don’t remember ever seeing that one. One of the ones that really disturbed me was “The Plymouth Express”. It was just really violent and – well – disturbing! “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” was somewhat disturbing too, though I don’t remember it as well.

    lol I don’t think they’re great either – just funny! :p

    To the KING be all the glory!

  7. I have to agree with you Rebekah that the Plymouth Express was an absolute failure of a movie! The plot was boring, confusing, the murder was too violent, and the end was NOT triumphant at all but leaves Poirot in the middle of his room frowning sadly. Though, I must say I didn’t lose sleep over that one it was other wise awful.
    I liked Hickory, Dickory, Dock!

  8. ^Kayla, I need to you to pipe down. I read the book that that story was based after; in book format, finding out who the criminals were is astonishing.

    Rebekah, anything violent or intense in anything is distrubbing. It’s one of the reasons I like the 40’s Holmes stories; no violence shown and they’re low in intensity, which makes for more enjoyable viewing. 😀

    ~Jamie Joyce

  9. ^^I don’t generally actually LOSE sleep over any movies – bu certain movies can make my sleep less restful. If that makes any sense. I don’t remember be generally impressed with the entire thing either Kayla.

    I rather liked “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” too but the violence disturbed me some is all. I guess I’d rather they not show the “murder” at all. It doesn’t seem like a “lovely, pure” image to put into my mind.

    ^I haven’t read any Poirot books, though I might this Summer.

    lol Oh yes! Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes ARE low in intensity. I actually haven’t seen any of them in awhile, but I’m thinking of having us watch some soon. We’ll see… 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

  10. I don’t generally lose sleep over movies either. I did over that Brett movie though…

    I enjoyed ‘Hickory, Dickory, Dock’…I don’t really remember any violence though. I suppose it’s been a while since I last saw that one.

    Well, when you’re ready too, I’ll have to remember which ones I read and was impressed….

    Low in intensity is a wonderful thing for this family…


  11. Oh, yes, that’s right. He did. *Sigh*. The whole part of the movie I loved was how Japp had to stay at Poirot’s apartment and suffer Miss Lemon’s cooking. Or was it Poirot’s cooking? Either way, that whole side plot was absolutely hilarious…

    Seriously, it is! 😀

    ~Jamie Joyce

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