Goodby, Desk! Hello, Shelf!

Last week, we did a major change in my room. I told Mom that I had realized that I no longer used my desk–only to pile my junk and store my messes out of sight. We both decided that a large shelf would be more useful than the desk. Mom hunted for a shelf with Dad, and they found on that was very nice and had a decent price. So, day before New Year’s Eve, I emptied out my desk drawers, and cleaned everything into boxes. Then we moved the desk out of the room.

Desk gone. You can see the indentation on the carpet from where it’s been.

Shelf in and cleaned. Wow! Look all my space to fill up! Oh, note my fuzzy pictures above my bed (I sleep on the top bunk). Speaking of top bunk; the one downfall of not having my desk makes for harder work getting on and off my bunk. I had been using my desk and chair as a sort of staircase to step up into bed. Now I’m launching from chair into bed, and from bed to chair.

Everything you see above (except for the books and jewelry box) was either in my desk or on my desk. They had completely filled my desk drawers to over flowing, but when spread out on a shelf, it doesn’t look like much. It looks much nicer now, and it will be so much more useful!

~Jamie Joyce


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