“Knight and Princess’: My Fuzzyart Poster

I’ve enjoyed Fuzzyart for a long time. What it is it’s a large coloring picture–be it animals, flowers, or other–but instead of just lines, they use fuzzy substance instead.  They normally come in large sizes, like posters. I enjoyed doing Fuzzyart when I was younger, but back then I could only afford the smaller, cheaper pictures. Back then eight dollars was a lot of money. Now, I felt comfortable using some of my saved spending money on a set of five ‘fantasy’ posters. One was of a knight and princess, walking through the outskirts of a forest outside a castle. Another was of a fairy looking up from a pool of water and catching sight a beautiful horse. The three other’s where smaller. One was a gallant sword. One was of a princess sitting in a window with a bird. The other was of a dragon coiled about a sword.  They all came in one set together. I put some time into my pictures, using my markers, trying to give each picture depth and coordination. When I finished them, I tacked them into the wall above my bed, and I gaze at them before I drift to sleep at night. Below I’m going to be posting pictures of my “Knight and Princess”, by far, my favorite poster, and the one that hangs above my head.

^I present to you, “Knight and Princess”–the whole picture. As you can see, for the border, there is plants, flowers and vines around the edges. In the picture there are twisting trees, smooth rocks, star-like flowers, a castle in the background, and, of course, the main attraction: A knight atop a brown horse, being led by a pink-clad, yellow-haired princess. At least, I’ve decided she’s a princess. In a story, she could be anything. A faithful servant. A run away slave who’s joined him on his quest. A noble lady-in-waiting from the castle, leading this gallant gentleman away from a planned ambush that she had accidentally learned . I like to think of her as a Princess–his bride.  I like that best of all.

Take note of how the horse and the knight’s colors coordinate. I didn’t mean for the horse to actually have pink in it. The lid on the marker I picked up looked purple….I guess it was lying to me. Well, it ended up making them match the Princess too.

The castle. Ah, this is what gets me. In the picture, the Knight and Princess don’t seem to be headed towards the castle, but around it. This makes me think that one or both of them are not welcome there. Maybe it’s an enemy castle. Maybe it’s not even a castle, but a town! Warming, inviting lights, but with a cold outside. Maybe Knight and Princess know someone in this castle or town that they are trying to avoid. Or, maybe I’m over dramatic. Maybe they’re just passing by. Who knows.

Note in picture above that there are trees between the couple and the Castle. Clear indication that they are either passing by, or sneaking around it. I’m inclined to think it is not a good castle. Am I starting to sound like a detective?

Sir What’s-His-Name is dressed in armour, and his horse is dressed very gaily. Hmm. Maybe they’re about to attend a jousting. Note the leaves in the horse’s mane. I thought that was interesting.

I love his sword and sheath. Also, in this shot above, you can see some of the detail in the horse’s blanketed garb.

Sir Knight–he appears to be staring at the castle. Maybe he’s the one that knows it or whoever is in it. Oh, note his purple plume. I purposefully decorated my knight purple (my favorite color)!

Ah, the faithful steed. Where would any knight be without his trusty horse? I’ve yet to give this horse a name? Any suggestions? Should it be something like ‘Hot Breath’ or ‘Steady’ or ‘Fireball’?

And, here’s the Princess. Dressed in pink. What else could I color her? I noted she was leading the horse, which puzzled me. It gives me the idea that she is more familiar with this territory or that she is leading the Knight somewhere. Also note that her dress’ pattern is just like the horse’s. This makes me think that she has been with the Knight for some time.

Enough of fair lady and knight. Time to look at what they’re walking through. When I started filling in the pebbles and rocks, I hadn’t really realized how many there where. I also enjoyed filling in the grass and flowers. However, the trees presented a challange. I didn’t want my picture looking flat.  So, I filled in the trees with two different colors, and these two colors wove in and out of each other. I ended up loving how they came out.

Here is a close up of shield and tree. Note the two colors of the tree. I also found it interesting that the Knight’s shield had roses on it. Hmm…very…masculine? Not. Well…roses have thorns…

You might not have noticed this little bird in the first large picture. I didn’t do anything to this bird. I left it pure white. A sign of peace, certainly. Meaning that Knight and Princess mean no harm.

In the top two corners were  lilies. I gave them some depth by partly outlining them with gray. I loved the way they turned out. Also, note the different shades of green I did for the leaves, vine, stems and unopened roses.

And, this last piece of the picture, which can be found in the center of the top border. The pair of hearts at the top, with the vines woven into them.  I thought this was very special, and large indication that Knight and Princess have known each other for sometime, that they are traveling together, and that they are married! I’ll leave that at that.

Here is the final picture once again. I’ll post more of my posters in the coming days. 😀

You’re fair, coloring maiden,

Jamie Joyce

10 thoughts on ““Knight and Princess’: My Fuzzyart Poster

  1. Very interesting deductions. At first I also thought it was odd the lady was leading the knight, but I guess you explained it okay. 😛 Love the detective air.

  2. Well, my dear, I must say, I came up with a completely different conclusion… I think they are still headed *to* the castle… the road just meets them in a winding way up ahead. As for the princess – that I don’t get – why is she leading?!? She could verbally direct. It just looks wrong – even if she was a servant. :p Though honestly – the knight looks a little – er – small… Maybe the lady was supposed to be his mother and she was trying to lead her young son (though nearly grown obviously) away from some danger, to a castle of safety?? Though still, I think she should be riding the horse *with* him at least!! Anyway… I’ll get quiet now. You did a good job with the markers. It looks good! 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!


  3. ROFL….well, it’s well known that two can look at one piece of evidence and can come up with different conclusions. I’m afraid I like my version better. ;-P

    Remember, I didn’t draw the picture, I just colored it!


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