It’s a New Year! Wow! Amazing! I still remember when the new year was 2010!

Last night we stayed up til midnight. We watched two new Charlie Chan films, and the first Star Wars film! It was the first time for me and Kayla. It was pretty impressive.

I decided that to start off my blogging, I will be doing this ‘blog challange’ that I’ve seen on a few other blogs. The point of this challenge to is answer one question each day for a whole month: so, 30 questions.

Day 1: A favorite song: I’m not sure I could pick a favorite song. I like many songs; ‘Deliver Us’ ‘If I Were A Rich Man’ “Tradition’ ‘Ya Got Trouble’ ‘Goodnight My Someone’ ‘Lida Rose’ ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ ‘Surrey with the Fringe on the Top’ ‘The Farmer and the Cowman’ ‘Oklahoma’ ‘The Lonely Goathered’ ‘Cheeseburger’ ‘Oh, Santa’ ‘Monkey’ ‘Pizza Angel’ ‘In the Belly of the Whale’ …I could go on….but certainly one of my very favorites is a worship song that we sing at church; Prince of Peace or You Are Holy.

~Jamie Joyce


8 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. That is a hard challenge!!! It might be possible to pick a top 3 favorite songs for me….


  2. ^ Yes Rebekah, why is Jamie always nuts… I, for one, am getting slightly tiered of hearing it. At least give a change of pace… call her almonds or something instead of just plain nuts for a change. (tee-hee)

  3. ^ Jamie says to tell you she’s taking a brake… (but personally, I agree. *chant* WE WANT KATIE, WE WANT KATIE!!!) lol.

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