‘The Old Year Rung Out and the New Year Rung In’

Hello! Most of you probably know me already, and if you don’t, you’ll get to know me as we go along.

For Christmas this year, my parents decided I could start my own blog. I have been blogging on the family blog for some time; see link here: http://familylifeinthekingdomofgod.wordpress.com/   Some of you might wonder why I’d like my own blog if I was already blogging. It’s because I can blog about a wider amount of ideas and things that are in my head on my own blog, rather than cluttering up my mother’s blog. On the family blog, I did updates about the latest canning experience, pictures of our adorable brother, and I even manged to post about the dogs–but with restrictions. Here on my blog I’ll be able to post about my writing exercises, movie reviews and rantings (giggle), pictures of the neighbor dogs we walk, updates about things that would appear as clutter on the family blog and random pictures that I love.

And I surprised myself when I realized I was starting on the last day of 2010.

So, here’s to the New Year in the name of our Lord, 2011. By the way, I got my title from a character from the book ‘Silas Marner’.

~Jamie Joyce


5 thoughts on “‘The Old Year Rung Out and the New Year Rung In’

  1. *cheers and applause* I am glad you got your own blog now!
    I am looking forward to seeing what fun things you post about.

    Your sis, Kayla

  2. Does your curly hair have anything to do with your crazy perspective? with love, Mom

It always makes my day to see your messages! Don't forget to check back, I try to write back to you too! <3

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