This Summer’s Bucketlist

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What I’ve already done:

Rewatched Death Note | Began watching Studio Ghibli films | Attended my first Comic Con | Gave Parks and Recreation a try (and it’s awesome!) | Read more books to my brother | Completed the 100 Favorite Movies blog series | Caught up with Doctor Who | Skyped with friends | Bought The Lego Movie | Learned lots of math for GED |  Discovered EOS Lip Balm | Discovered Adventure Time (also awesome!) | Entered another Booktrack contest |

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What I will now hopefully complete:

More math at school | Have an awesome birthday | Catch up with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD | Finish the rest of the Ghibli movies | Learn Windows 8 | Play more music on the piano | Keep up my blog | Reorganize my bedroom shelves | Watch another movie at the theater | Hopefully host a giveaway at the end of summer | Give my blog it’s every-six-month makeover | Hopefully buy My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, and Arrietty (all awesome!) | Begin a rewrite to my futurist sci-fi short story | Read some books | Go swimming just once | Do something creative | Continue to figure out my life |

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Shameless Self-Promotion (Need Your Help)

free_texture_friday_541-1024x682_FotorrI don’t do a lot of self-promotion, so stick with me here, okay? Thank you in advance for simply reading.

Because I love the world of writing and don’t have a steady source of income, I’ve entered a couple of writing contests on Booktrack; the amazing platform where reading and audio come together. It can easily be a disaster, but with my work I try to keep the sound effects realistic and the music appropriate as I never want the audio track to distract or detract from the main point: the story. That’s what I’ve attempted to do in this latest contest hosted on Booktrack.

I don’t know that much about author Hugh Howey, but I know just from his first chapter in Half Way Home he’s a fantastic writer! Half Way Home’s opening “Abort” is very intriguing and very sci-fi! I was thrilled to hear about his contest where anyone can take one of the chapters from Half Way Home and add an audio track to be in to win up to $5,000 dollars! That’s a lot and that’s what I’d like to win. I’d even be happy being a finalists, as they win $1,000 dollars! Even though I do what I do because I love it, I have to admit I’d really love to be a winner here as the stakes are so high and the money could really help me out. And here’s where I need your help.


behind-the-scenes view of my work

I’ve done my part; I’ve listened to the extensive library of music, edited footsteps and breaking glass and the atmosphere and played with volume levels. I’ve finished my official cover for the chapter, too (up there, see, see! Isn’t it pretty?!) Now, what would really help me is:

A) Some feedback– are there too many sound effects, what did you find overly distracting from the story, the music doesn’t work in this part, ect–just any feedback at all. I have till the end of July to finish tinkering with my entry before the contest ends and the judges begin doing their thing. Any and all critiques would be appreciated before then so I know if I need to do any little (or large!) fix ups to my story.

B) Views. To be become a finalist, the contest states that the three entries with the most amount of views will become finalists. Two more will be picked by Booktrack to make a total of five. My chances of becoming a finalist go way up the more times my story is viewed by clicking the “read” button. If you all could do that even once that would be helpful.

Here is the link to my story below; it works best on web browsers Google Chrome and Opera (both of which I use for free and really like.) You can also simply go to Booktrack and type my username Jamie221b into their search bar. My three stories will come up, this one included!

My Version of Abort:!/bookshelf?booktrackId=99220c80cdcd4cdb8df77b29c57a5545


The Contest:!/landing/hugh-howey

And as a little bit more of an incentive for you: if I’m one of the finalists or the winner of the contest, I will be able to afford my DVD giveaway I’ve been planning on hosting here! The items I have sitting here are Seasons 5-7 of Doctor Who (seems to be everybody’s favorite!) and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, which everyone should see once! I’d love to be able to throw this giveaway, so the money would definitely make it a sure possibility!

While I would be very grateful if you could help me out with A) and B), I’m also not meaning to hold a gun to anyone’s head like “HELP ME NOW OR YOU’RE NOT A NICE PERSON.” You’re going to do what you’re going to do, so I’ll only be asking this once. :) If you have any questions, please ask. Again, thank you for at least reading this and have great rest of your day!




Currently liking: that I got to go to the Phoenix Comic Con! Kayla and I went together and had lots of fun! We got pictures with cosplayers, got lost among tshirts and posters and so much merchandise and saw John Barrowman from a far, lol. It was so exciting to at last get to go to something so big for the people with nerd and geeky love. You can check out some of my pictures and their captions on my Instagram. :)

Currently listening: also watching–Doctor Who Season 7′s episode A Town Called Mercy. I’d like to plow through a disk by tonight if possible. I’m multitasking. :P

Currently drinking: Shasta’s Kiwi Strawberry soda. There is something magical in that soda because it’s my new favorite.

Currently sitting: in the living room, on the love seat, across from the tv. I like this seat because I can rock back and forth.

Currently reading: lots and lots of kids books from the library, to Nathan. It’s THE BEST fun to find new books to read to him. It also makes me happy that he likes to hear me read. I’m still trying to get him excited about finding the books when we’re at the library, however, once at home he brings me the books to read aloud. It’s lots of fun!

Currently writing: it’s more like currently trying to avoid writing the last two parts of my top 100 favorite movies list. I’ve had lots of fun doing this but it’s been full of it’s own struggles.

Currently watching: Doctor Who Season 7, Parks and Recreation (really fun show, I recommend!) and a variety of movies.

Currently obsessed with: The Cornetto Trilogy. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg write amazing films. And Nick Frost is awesome.

Currently tired: from all the walking on Friday at Comic Con and… tired of other things related to Doctor Who but I’m saving that with everything else for my post once I finish up Season 7.

Currently excited: that I got to go to Comic Con. I wasn’t even going to go originally because I didn’t have enough money from what I’ve been saving, but my mom offered to help me as a treat. I feel very blessed to have gotten to go and have the experience! I want to cosplay something next year if possible!

Currently scaring myself with: a very big Booktrack soundtrack competition right now. It’s kind of a big deal but I will have to talk about it another time. It’s just a little scary but you can’t do anything unless you try, so that’s what I’m doing.

Currently stuck in my head: nothing at the moment, thank heavens.

Currently wishing: well, hey, wait a minute, a wish has come true; COMIC CON WAS AWESOME!

Currently praying: for some rainstorms to come visit me. It’s already very hot and I am already tired of it. GO AWAY 108 DEGREE WEATHER. I DON’T LIKE YOU.


mundane; it’s such a sad word

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Well, I have several more movie posts I could be working on but my mind needs a little break from lists and trying to explain my love for these movies. I thought the closer I got to my top favorites the easier the writing would get but instead it’s gotten a lot harder. So, I’m writing something else instead (there’s also only three posts left, so I’m not sure what I’ll do when I finish this quite large blog series. I guess I’m attempting to put it off a little bit.)

For the past several months, my life has been a lot calmer and slower, especially compared to last year. It’s been nice but sometimes it feels too slow; in the morning between my dreams and fully awakening, I feel like I can see my life flow past too quickly without enough things seemingly getting accomplished. I don’t know, lots of things are interesting when you are half asleep.

When my life isn’t being slow and steady like the famous tortoise, I’m either glaring at essay writing, watching a new movie, fretting about money (which feels awful, I hate being a grown up), reading books to my brother, or getting to Skype with a friend. Skype is a really exciting for me. I’ve also been living off of Disney’s classic cartoons the past two weeks, so my head is full of cartoon melodies, Donald Duck’s voice and Mickey Mouse heads: like a kaleidoscope.

Oh, one very exciting thing did happen to me was when I was walking the dogs one morning. :P This little dog shot across the street at me, Clarence and Tinker Bell, who are both big dogs, and was just yapping and barking. Tink slipped right out of her collar and shot after it and I just about barfed my heart out of my throat, it was so scary. I didn’t know if she would run up down the street out of sight or if a car would come around the corner or what. Thankfully she only ran into a yard and I was able get her collar back on after chasing her down. My throat was a little sore afterwards from screaming and my adrenaline didn’t go down till about six hours later… so, I guess I can’t say my life has been completely mundane…

Short, random thought: I’m thinking of redoing a lot of my blog categories since my life has changed since creating many of them back in 2011 and I don’t add a lot to certain ones anymore. …I don’t know why I’m writing this, I should just do it…

How have your life been going?



large (66) Three things, short and sweet.

1. My blog hit an official 200 followers last week. Just, I don’t know what to say except that I’m floored. To me it’s such a big number so I’m very thrilled!!

2. In celebration, I’ve created a brand new blog button. I’ve been unhappy with my button for quite a while, so I created a brand new one yesterday. I went for simple and light but strong lettering so hopefully I was able to pull it off. ;) If any of you have time at some point to swap them out if you have my old one, I would be grateful. :) It is on the sidebar and here below for presentation elements simple click and save. Yx6RAJZ 3. I’m a Booktrack Star! I’ve submitted a couple stories on the fantastic Booktrack (books with soundtracks, people, it’s amazing) and a few months ago, I was selected, along with eighteen other authors, to be a Booktrack Star. I got an email saying “your work on Booktrack stands out as some of the best on the platform.” Yes, I was extremely amazed when I read that in off my iPod. I’m still very excited about this. You can check out my page through the link with my picture, bio and both my short stories (the stories are best read on Google Chrome.)

So. I feel very blessed and am very excited about all this; it was also time to document the first and last thing before too much time had gone by. :) :) :) :)

Now if you excuse me, I have a guest post to begin. :D