tumblr_mihio53mJR1r6uijdo1_500Well, I would post the next addition to my 100 Favorite Movies post but I’ve been sick with a cold nearly all week. After a couple of days of trying, I gave up writing altogether as my mental energy had slowed waaay down (this is also the reason why I haven’t been commenting this week; I’m so sorry everybody.) *Sigh* I’m a complete baby whenever I get sick, I’m afraid. 

Anyway, I’m feeling a little better today so I decided to write this up so I don’t break my blogging streak.

Pretty much all I’ve done this week besides cough and take medicine is watch stuff on my laptop. I decided to finish Season 9 of The Office just so I could say I’ve seen it all. Season 9 was not that great up until near the end. It wrapped up very well and I’m glad I finished it. I also went back to the original UK Office, which I hadn’t been able to finish the first time I tried watching it, and blew through the two seasons in under twenty four hours. So that was lots of fun. 

Movies I’ve watched this past week include Mamma Mia! (didn’t like,) The Good The Bad and The Ugly (too slow overall,) August: Osage County (dysfunction at it’s craziest = not really a happy movie,) rewatched a Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes (no shame that I’m still crushing on him,) and watched Shaun of the Dead WHICH WAS SO FUNNY AND HYSTERICAL I WANT TO ADD IT TO MY TOP 100 FAVORITE MOVIES BECAUSE I WATCHED IT TWICE IN TWO DAYS WHICH I NEVER DO; HONESTLY BRITISH COMEDY WITH ZOMBIES IS THE BEST. It’s rated R, but if you already watch R rated movies anyway, then you need to watch Shaun of the Dead because it’s my new favorite movie.

Besides watching my laptop, I’ve also played my Happy Farm app religiously, listened to audio book dramatizations and helped my mom by sorting through our children’s books so we can downsize. And I’ve been sleeping. So there’s not much else to talk about except that I’m looking forward to not being sick. :P Hopefully if I keep improving like today so I will be able to get back to writing my movie posts, commenting and functioning like a normal human being. Until then, I shall be watching more movies on my laptop in bed. (I’ve marked my Skype profile as “away” but if anyone wants to IM I would enjoy that a lot. I miss human interaction.) Hope you all are doing well.


Currently: Returned From The Dead


I personally don’t like reading four paragraphs of explanation from anyone when they return from a hiatus of blogging. I just want to read another good blog post from them. So all I’ll say at this moment is that my writing felt extremely wooden for the past month and a half ago and the break has been good. :D At the moment I’m working a series of movie blog posts but I thought I’d drop in now to say I’ve not died. How about another addition of the Currently series for a life update. :)

Currently liking: I’ve been cracking open my bedroom window a little bit at night (with a lock of course! :P), so my room feels extremely cool and airy now. It let’s the early bird noises in during the early morning and I’ve been waking up naturally. It is a much nicer way than with an alarm clock. So, yeah, I’ve been really liking that.

Currently sitting: I’m at my desk in my room right now, with my new Mickey Mouse mouse pad. :D

Currently listening: to lots of stringed instruments groups like 2 Chellos, Eklipse, The Vitamin String Quartet, Dallas String Quartet; this is all on Pandora of course. :)

Currently eating: this morning-toast. The past week-lots of nachos!

Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; I’m two chapters in so far. :)

Currently writing: this post. :P I’m beginning to work on a series of posts on my top 100 favorite films and I do want to get back to my sci-fi short story “Extraction”.

Currently watching: I at last saw Frozen just yesterday. Didn’t like it. I won’t be taking the time to even write a whole post for this blog about it since that wouldn’t really benefit anyone as my opinion is one out of a two hundred. If you *still* want to know my opinion on it, this is the review I wrote on Letterboxd; please don’t read it if you can’t hear anything negative said about your favorite movies, though.

Currently obsessed with: Harry Potter! And I probably would have remained just a casual fan except for The Deathly Hallows Part 2, which was a chill-inducing film that completely won over my adamant admiration (and lots of tears, which pretty much sealed the deal of love.) :)

Currently tired: of Frozen being everywhere. :-/

Currently excited: for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER in just a couple of weeks!!!! AAAAH!

Currently failing: at getting my life more together. For being nearly twenty, I feel so inadequate sometimes. :(

Currently learning to play on the piano: I WANT TO LEARN THE HARRY POTTER THEME SONG BETTER. But otherwise, no, I’ve not kept up my piano playing.

Currently scaring myself with: essay writing. I’ve never written essays before and I’m learning how in a weekly GED preparation class. So far I’ve written maybe three and while my form is way better than when I first started, it’s still really tough trying to use and remember everything I’ve learned. It’s new to have someone outside of the family judge something like my school work, so I’ve been fighting nerves throughout the past few weeks.

Currently stuck in my head: believe it or not, Let it Go from Frozen, which on it’s own is quite a good song. If only Elsa hadn’t been such a flat character, I would have probably like it even more.

Currently wishing: for too many things to count. :)

Currently praying: that my sister Kayla does fantastic at her new job, that tonight’s events go smoothly for my family, and that I’m able to rewrite my last essay well. :)

Looking forward to blogging again!


Ressurrected by the Sunflower Tag


I absolutely detest writer’s block, it’s been such a bother. However my dear friend Maribeth tagged me over at her blog Formidable Courage, so now I have a tag to do! Yay!


1. Share 11 facts about yourself.

2. Answer the questions set by your Nomination Blogger

3. Nominate 11 bloggers.

4. Set questions for the nominated bloggers.


1. I’m fast becoming a Harry Potter fan; I’ve seen the first five movies and have quite enjoyed them. I look forward to seeing the last three and hopefully reading the books later. And yes, I’m a Hufflepuff, according to several tests…

2. I take great pride in my personal DVD collection.

3. I can make balloon animals.

4. I can be quite lazy and I know I’m holding myself back when I am.

5. This is one of my favorite quotes and I have been trying very hard to remember it whenever I become intimidated with being vulnerable or honest, whether online or being out of the house. I want to stop apologizing for being me.



6. I’ve been rewatching The Office lately. I forgot how much fun the early seasons are and how far the show fell when Michael’s character left. *sobs*

7. I’ve been attempting to get into this habit of drinking a glass of water right when I go to bed and right when I get up. I’ve read that this is apparently a good thing to do, from several sources. But please don’t ask me why because I don’t know. I’m just doing it…

8. I love Doritos chips. A lot. Specifically Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese. YUM.

9. I am currently addicted to playing the Jelly Splash app on my iPod.

10. Hot Topic is my favorite mall store because they actually sell Disney clothes for gals my age!

11. I’m very excited for Captain America The Winter Soldier. It can’t come any quicker!


Here are Maribeth’s questions!

1. Who is your favorite character in the Bible (besides Jesus)? I like Joseph with his coat of many colors. :) His story is very encouraging.

2. Do you consider yourself an outdoor person? If so, what are your favorite outdoor activities? I don’t really consider myself an outdoors person. Then again, I live in a very hot city, so can you blame me?

3. If you could live anywhere in the United States, where would it be? Washington or Oregon. One of those states. THEY GET RAIN.

4. What noble character quality do you admire the most? Humility. Not the abusive idea of humility where you can’t ever say a good word about yourself or you let people walk all over you, but the humility where you can acknowledge when you make a mistake and can take care of it right. Basically, I really admire the opposite of pride, that idea that you can never be wrong.


5. In what ways has God comforted you in the recent past? God comforts me a lot through my Mom. And actually, something really big happened a little while ago but I can’t talk about it quite yet. Hopefully sooner than later though. :D

6. You are offered a choice of three fattening (but hearty!) entrées: a cheeseburger, ultra-British fish and chips, or lasagna. What do you choose?  Cheeseburger, hold the cheese, please. :) Eight times out of ten, I will pick the hamburger, unless the restaurant we’re at serves awesome wings. Or pizza.

I have no mental energy at the moment to pick out specific people (if I follow you, I think you definately deserve a sunshine award for sure :D), so any of you who like my questions below are free to do this on their blog. :D


1. If you could only keep two of your five senses, which would they be?

2. What is your opinion of the Harry Potter series; if you like it, who are your favorite characters and what house do you belong? If you don’t, do you hold your standards for Harry Potter against other series with magic like Lord of the Rings, Merlin or The Chronicles of Narnia? Why or why not?

3. What three movies are you looking forward to most this year?

4. What sport do you dislike the most and why? (not understanding it is not really a reasonable answer. Sorry.)


5. Do you use Pandora Radio? If you do, what are your favorite stations to listen to?

6. What Internet browser do you use?

7. Opinion on popcorn.

8. Recall something kind or thoughtful someone outside your family did or said to you that made a lasting impression with you; say a quick thank you and then privately think about how you could do something similar to someone else.

Let me know if you do the tag; I’ll come read your answers and comment. :D


I’m refraining from, “wow, January flew by already?!”

My January was pretty much Pandora, horror movies, Post Christmas shopping, Skyping and a brilliant sci-fi story idea that refused to cooperate with me in time to enter in Booktrack’s New Years contest.


I learned that it was okay not to push myself on making a story work if it just wasn’t the meant to be written at that moment. I’ve filed “Extraction” away and will to let it boil in my mind for a little while longer. However, in other good news in regards to writing, Booktrack sent me an email that began, “touching base with you because your work on Booktrack stands out as some of the best on the platform.  To show our appreciation for our star authors we’re going to be creating author profile pages, and we’d love to include one for you.” !!!! I got to send in a short bio for my page! So, while I couldn’t get my story to cooperate with me, I was thrilled to be approached because of my past work that includes both writing and music/sound effect editing. :D That was just a big wow moment for me!


I got to Skype with my friend Rebecca twice during the last week of January; it was the first time we’d attempted it and it was very exciting to speak face to face. I especially liked it because it’s been ages since I’ve had a proper conversation with someone my age eye to eye. She’s a very sweet person with the prettiest southern accent and we have so many things in common! I finally got to talk to another girl who likes The Walking Dead and all sorts of other fandoms as well. She showed me an icicle from outside, too, which was really neat! I’m looking forward to Skyping more with her (and, of course, our mutual friend James!) throughout the next year!


Post Christmas shopping is one of the best parts of January, in my opinion; I bought some candles, Bath and Body Works products, which I’ve not had in ages, some new shirts, movies, which include the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, and accessories for my iPod. I feel set up for the new year and I’m now strongly buckling down to spend a lot less for the next six months until my 20th birthday. (I’M GOING TO BE 20 IN JULY GUYS IT FEELS SURREAL.)

large (56)

A big part of my January was my dive into the horror genre. It was a careful dive, I assure you, one where I went for the highly recommended films, the ones with a bit more depth than just a regular slasher film and packed a punch when it came to plot twists. Unpredictable plot twist that make sense are some of my favorite things when it comes to films and the horror genre is actually full of fantastic writing and plotting; the good ones are just as artistic and masterful–sometimes even more so–then a regular movie because of the emotions that needs to be properly communicated from screen to audience without being cheesy or forced. My respect for the genre, when it’s done right, is a lot bigger than it was a year ago. I’ve made it through the three Scream movies (first was the best and the third one was better than the second) and then got wowed by Shutter Island and Identity. I’m looking forward to watching more highly recommend horror films in the near future (and hopefully writing another one myself.)

Some of my plans for February will be studying for my driver’s permit again, re-begin trotting the neighborhood again after my Christmas break, watch some more scary movies and eat lots of chocolate. My sister and I also figured out how to iMessage each other so I’m sure there will be a lot of that this month too. :P




Currently liking: not being sick! I was pretty much bedridden for about four and a half days. While it was rather nice to watch a lot movies and catch up on Sherlock and move through the entire fifth season of Doctor Who, my back got really tired and unbelievably I got tired of so much entertainment. So, I’m really happy to be feeling a lot better.

Currently listening: At this second, I’m listening to I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) from Hercules. I recently discovered the Pandora app on my iPod and have been checking out the different ‘stations’. I’m playing the Disney Children’s Radio right now for a dose of Disney. :) Other stations I’ve been frequenting on Pandora includes Electronic For Studying, Solo Piano, Big Band, Film Scores and the Club/Dance Radio.

Currently drinking: water. I’ve been dying for a glass of milk but I’m keeping away from as much dairy as possible right now until I’m completely better. Thankfully I really love water so it’s working out.

Currently reading: nothing. :(

Currently writing: this post. Posts in general. I’ve been kicking around a science-fiction/romance tragedy for several weeks now, so I might break down and attempt to write that out…

Currently watching: Well, I would say Doctor Who but I’m between seasons. Genre speaking, I’m viewing a lot of murder mysteries, horror, and some science fiction.

Currently obsessed with: well, I’m in between obsessions right now… The closest thing to an obsession at the moment would be the show Family Guy, as the episodes are short and I can squeeze a couple in any day if I really need a laugh. And some days I just really need to re-watch one of Stewie and Brian’s time traveling escapades again because those are the best episodes and anyone who’s seen that show knows that. :)

Currently tired: of almost everything in the Matt Smith Doctor Who world. I’m saving my ranting for after I see another season or so, but I honestly disliked most of Season Five. It doesn’t help that most Doctor Who merchandise is Matt Smith era, I therefore see it everywhere. So. I’m tired of that. (For everyone who will be clamoring to know if I liked anything from Season Five: I did like Rory. I actually really loved Rory. And the episode Amy’s Choice was really neat. But other than that…)

Currently excited: to go to Hot Topic; my 15 dollars off coupon just became valid and I’ve been waiting to use that coupon since before Christmas! So I’m very excited to use it within the next week! Ahhhh!

Currently failing: at lots of small things, like wearing my watch consistently. *grumble grumble*

Currently stuck in my head: it was Gangnam Style a little bit ago but it went away when I started playing Disney on Pandora so…

Currently wishing: I could skip all the steps it takes to be a completely stable and independent adult without all the drivers tests and GED lessons and job hunting. Can I hear an amen?

Currently praying: that the rest of this cold gets out of my throat and that my sister will be safe as she drives more. :)