Because I don’t think anyone will complain…

It’s Saturday; tonight church friends will be coming over to hang out for the evening and I’m sure I’ll be preparing dinner all afternoon… so, what to else to post on a fun Saturday?! :P


14 thoughts on “Because I don’t think anyone will complain…

  1. “One Does not simplely leave a Marvel movie before the end of the credits” is made me ROFL! :D One of my all time favorite ROLF laughing pictures now! :D
    I tried seaching “I hate it when” in Google and it came up with “Voldemort uses my shampo” and “Jesus rides a dinosors in my house”. Those are crazy and kind of odd. LOL I think they are Facebooks pages.


    • LOL, and that one is SO TRUE! You just don’t leave without waiting till the end! :P

      Ahhhhh, Facebook pages, that makes some sense… sort of…. who would want Facebook pages that said that….? :P


  2. Hi Jamie! Great post, and you probably won’t believe me, but I created the ‘DARTH MAUL: Y U NO STAY DEAD’ meme using the Y U NO meme creator a couple months ago, haha. I’m so honored that you thought it was funny, and pardon my asking, but where did you find it? I originally uploaded it on Pinterest, even though I deleted the board it was on a while ago. :D

    • Hi Annika!! I’m so pleased to meet you! To my memory, I think I found your photo on Tumblr, probably when I looked in the search words Star Wars, or something similar. Let me say, THANK YOU for making it, it’s my exact sentiments, so your meme expressed it perfectly! :D


  3. Sure! I actually didn’t mind him coming back, but I was confused to how he lived short of slowly dragging his way out of that generator by the tips of his fingers inch by inch…
    Also, this is the same Annika from Writing Beyond the Moon–I’m just using my twitter account to comment. ;)

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