Highlights from the Homeschool Convention

I enjoyed this year’s homeschool convention. It was actually the first year that close friends my age were there. Normally, it’s just me and Kayla and sometimes we see the Cousins briefly. This year, we got talk and walk around looking at booths with the H girls, specifically Moriah. So that was a lot of fun.

The first day, Kayla and I both wore our Star Wars shirts. The funny thing was, while we didn’t meet any kids our age who liked Star Wars, we ran into two different grown ladies who loved it; one complimented me on the shirt, and told me how she enjoyed the orginal trilogy so much more than the prequels. :P The other lady had to tell us how many times she went to the theater when it first came out. Apparently, she went to the theater 19 times! Lucky her. Saturday we wore different clothes, but Kayla still carried around her new Star Wars bag; an older couple stopped next to us and said, “We love your bag!” And they were wearing matching Star Wars shirts! They didn’t say anything about their love for it, they just seemed happy to find other fans! So, that was really cool!

I bought several things this year: a redish-pinkish tie die shirt (my very first ever, with a large heart in the middle), five gel pens that are super sweet, two homemade ponytail ties, and several other things, too.

It was neat knowing someone behind a booth this year (the H’s had one for their movie). Kayla and I dodged around the place with Moriah; and the three girls came with us to hear on of Ken Ham’s talks. A rather hilarious episode today was when the I ran into Nechet, Moriah, Sophie and Gabe just after lunch. The girls let out screeches like they hadn’t seen me years and Moriah just about knocked me to the ground by her hug! Lol. I love those girls…

It was a very good convention this year and we saw several old friends too. So, that was a success. And tomorrow being my birthday, it will be a good tie off for a good weekend.

~Jamie Joyce

6 thoughts on “Highlights from the Homeschool Convention

  1. *sighs* I wish that I could have been there! I would have loved to see you all, and the Friday and Noon Booth and hearing Mr. Ham in person! *switches that part of brain to “off” position*

    Did you buy any books at all? :)

    To the King be all the glory!

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