Until Further Notice:

I am taking a mandatory break from my computer this week; so you will probably not see me on my blog or email until next Tuesday! Twill be very short and I will be back to blogging in no time. Don’t miss me too, much.

My birthday was wonderful on Sunday and today we did a full celebration. Sunday, Dad bought a whole ice cream cake and the whole church sang happy birthday to me. Today I got open my presents and pick to films to watch; The Many Adventures of Robin Hood and Ben-Hur.

Next week I’ll post some pictures of my gifts; I received three soundtracks; Ben-Hur, Beauty and the Beast, and Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas: all huge favorites of mine! Also, two Star Wars cups (of Han Solo and Darth Vadar), a Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure from Nathan, and about ten collection books of Calvin and Hobbes–old cartoon strips. I’ll love sharing about them later!

I’ll look forward to finding your comments and emails when I return. Oh, what will I be doing to keep busy….. Oh, you know, working on a huge cross stitch project, listening to Father Gilbert mysteries, and studying for a driver’s permit.


~Jamie Joyce

Highlights from the Homeschool Convention

I enjoyed this year’s homeschool convention. It was actually the first year that close friends my age were there. Normally, it’s just me and Kayla and sometimes we see the Cousins briefly. This year, we got talk and walk around looking at booths with the H girls, specifically Moriah. So that was a lot of fun.

The first day, Kayla and I both wore our Star Wars shirts. The funny thing was, while we didn’t meet any kids our age who liked Star Wars, we ran into two different grown ladies who loved it; one complimented me on the shirt, and told me how she enjoyed the orginal trilogy so much more than the prequels. :P The other lady had to tell us how many times she went to the theater when it first came out. Apparently, she went to the theater 19 times! Lucky her. Saturday we wore different clothes, but Kayla still carried around her new Star Wars bag; an older couple stopped next to us and said, “We love your bag!” And they were wearing matching Star Wars shirts! They didn’t say anything about their love for it, they just seemed happy to find other fans! So, that was really cool!

I bought several things this year: a redish-pinkish tie die shirt (my very first ever, with a large heart in the middle), five gel pens that are super sweet, two homemade ponytail ties, and several other things, too.

It was neat knowing someone behind a booth this year (the H’s had one for their movie). Kayla and I dodged around the place with Moriah; and the three girls came with us to hear on of Ken Ham’s talks. A rather hilarious episode today was when the I ran into Nechet, Moriah, Sophie and Gabe just after lunch. The girls let out screeches like they hadn’t seen me years and Moriah just about knocked me to the ground by her hug! Lol. I love those girls…

It was a very good convention this year and we saw several old friends too. So, that was a success. And tomorrow being my birthday, it will be a good tie off for a good weekend.

~Jamie Joyce

Solo and the Wookie

Han knows who he can lean on!

There is a scary duo in the galaxy. And you better hope you fall on their side. ‘Cause you wouldn’t want them for enemies!

I’m talking ’bout Han Solo and his co-pilot and partner-in-crime/smuggling/action/gunfighting/and reluctant aiding of the Rebellion, Chewbacca, mightiest Wookie ever known .

Han is a brilliant character by himself; tough, witty, serious, sarcastic, and someone who thinks he can keep everything under control by himself. Before his days of being general in the Rebellion, he was a smuggler of anything that could fit on his ship–except slaves. He knew the tricks of an except smuggler, gunslinger, and space flyer. Tricks that would prove handing in joining the Rebel Alliance and avoiding Jabba the Hutt’s bounty hunters.

But we all know that Han might not have gotten so far up without the help of his most trusted companion, a soul that would throw himself in any amount of danger to keep him safe.

We lovingly call him Chewie.

It’s hard to think of Han without his caring ‘fuzzball’ trotting behind him, ready to tear off the arms of anybody who got too threatening. Chewbacca hung close to Han because of his Wookie honor in serving someone for life if they saved yours. Han at first didn’t really want a companion to be with him everywhere, but time stitched them into an inseparable bond, where each would willingly give their lives for the other if necessary. They watch each others backs and know each others weaknesses and strengths like no one else.

And for the longest time, Han, outside of himself, cared only for Chewie and his ship. They’re destiny took a turn when Chewie spoke with a old Jedi and Han agreed to ship him, two droids and a boy to Alderaan.

Life hasn’t been normal for them since.

They continued to still be the tight knit duo, but two people managed to win their way into Han’s heart; and Chewie takes care of anyone whom Han befriends.

But their still the same team, too. Still just Solo and the Wookie, doing what they do, which is making trouble, escaping from trouble or charging trouble with all firearms going!

Even though they opened their hearts and arms to the ones they learned the love and defend, we know that they will always care for each other the best.

Because, sometimes, love is like that.

~Jamie Joyce

The Star Wars Birthday

Kayla’s fifteenth birthday was last Monday. We watched A New Hope that evening, played Pictionary using  Star Wars words, and walked about a house that had paper decorations everywhere.

Here is the two stack cake I made. Kayla created the chocolate figures. :P The icing was suppose to be black but turned purple instead. And then over the week it turned a dark blue. Kinda creepy if you ask me. :P

Here is a inside peek of the cake. Chocolate, choclate frosting, white cake and buttercream icing with some what-is-supposed-to-be black dye.
Here is a sample of the decorations. Kayla has about five different lightsabers that she put around the house.

The bad guys were put by the door. Just keep everyone in line. :P

Kayla got some fun SW presents. Here is a bag which Mom and I found at a music store (I know, kinda weird.)

Here are the two cups she got.

And here is Artoo, who beeps, whisltes and screams when you click the button. Nathan just about claimed it for himself. :P

Unfortunately, I don’t have any more pictures on my computer, so this will have to be it. :)

Happy Birthday Kayla!

~Jamie Joyce

Disney Princess Tag

Jedi-Chick and I were both doing this tag this week; here is her’s. And mine is below. I hope you enjoy it and the pictures.


DA Y 1: Favorite movie Beauty and the Beast; I love it’s message, it’s music, it’s characters, and it’s setting!

DAY 2: Favorite princess Belle. While she has her few faults, I both look up to her and admire her. She’s both honoring and loving to her father above any other person in her life. She enjoys books (just like me.) She’s willing to have higher standards than the typical. She can see past appreances into the heart before giving away her heart.

DAY 3: Favorite prince The Beast, of corse. He goes through an amazing character growth, much like Han Solo, in learning how to love others more than himself. That is something we all need to learn; and his villain isn’t Gaston. Gaston is Belle’s villain. The Beast’s ultimate villain is himself.

DAY 4: Favorite song Be Our Guest What a marvelous song that is. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it!

DAY 5: Favorite kiss    Well, Belle’s was the best. It’s not every kiss that gets swirled up in magic–literally.

DAY 6: Prettiest princess That would have to go to Aurora. She’s very beautiful, both in appearences and actions (as far as I can tell.) She’s very feminine.

DAY 7: Favorite castle The Beast’s. For some reason, I love the darkness, mysteriousness of his castle quite a bit and it’s not half bad when it’s transformed either.

DAY 8: Saddest moment For the life of me, I can’t seem to think of anything sad at the moment. Oh, wait. Gaston ruthlessly attacking the Beast. That’s pretty sad that Gaston to hurt someone who wasn’t even willing to defend himself. Talk about a brutal heart!

DAY 9: Favorite couple Auroa and her prince are the best looking together, Rapunzle and Flynn are the cutest, but Belle and the Beast are my favorite.

DAY 10: Best hair I’d have to think about that one…. I definitely love Aurora’s hair a lot!

DAY 11: Favorite animal sidekick There isn’t any animal sidekicks in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which is the one I’ve seen. So, I’ll just have to pick one from another film. Well, Pascal is pretty cute…of course, I don’t think I have a single picture of him…

DAY 12: Favorite non-animal sidekick Cogsworth and Lumier. One of the best dou’s ever!

DAY 13: Favorite outfit Cinderella’s ballgown! The neck line is not to low, her gown is long and beautiful and she has the most beautiful gloves.

DAY 14: Favorite villain  I couldn’t say he’s my favorite–Cruella is my favorite villains Most cruel and wretched villain? Well, besides Medusa—Gaston. See picture for proof. *Shudder*

"Belle's mine!"

DAY 15: Favorite romantic moment.. Mmm, I suppose this counts, doesn’t?

DAY 16: Favorite singing voice Belle’s is the only one I know, really..

DAY 17: Best eyes The Beast’s. His eyes are so revealing, so telling.

DAY 18: Favorite name I’ve always thought Ariel was a pretty name.

DAY 19: Favorite soundtrack Beauty and the Beast. I LOVE the songs and score very much! It’s my second favorite soundtrack for all time. See THIS POST for more of my thoughts.

DAY 20: Funniest moment There are too many to count.

DAY 21: Favorite quote

DAY 22: Bravest princess Considering I’ve not seen the other films, I’d have to go with Belle, as she is both brave and daring.

DAY 23: Favorite dance scene again, I wish I’d seen some other ones to get a better idea of the different dance scenes…

DAY 24: Favorite parent Maurice. He’s very unique and loving. I love how invents things. He also had a open heart to the beast by the end when he learned of his change of heart, which is good.

DAY 25: Favorite lyrics

DAY 26: Most magical moment When the Beast became a man. :) My mouth literally fell open with Belle’s as I watched. Just say I was transfixed.

 DAY 27: Best wardrobe Belle’s are gorgeous, even if most of them are very simple. Sometimes simple is more. :P

DAY 28: Favorite sequel Uh, haven’t see one. I understand, though, that there is a sequeal for Beauty and the Beast and I may want to see that one. Day.

DAY 29: Favorite overall moment The end of Beauty and the Beast
DAY 30: Favorite happy ending Same as above. :) I was actually wiping away some tears at the very end. Which is HUGE for me because I NEVER cry for movies. NEVER. I am very un-emotional when it comes to films (ask my sister.)

So, there is my answers to the Disney Princess Tag. Feel free to do it too, I’d love to see your answers.

~Jamie Joyce